Site-directed mutagenesis of a predicted cation binding site of Na, K-ATPase.


:Chemical modification and proteolytic digestion studies have identified a transmembrane glutamic acid residue (E953) of the alpha subunit of the pig kidney Na, K-ATPase as a possible cation binding site [Goldshleger et al. (1992) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 89, 6911-6915]. In addition, an adjacent glutamate (E954) is conserved in all species and isoforms and may also be involved in cation binding. To further explore the role of these residues in ion transport, we have utilized a mutagenesis-expression strategy. This approach avoids the introduction of a large chemical moiety into the protein and allows specific amino acid substitutions to be introduced. Glutamic acid residues 955 and 956 of the rat alpha-1 subunit (corresponding to glutamates 953 and 954 of the pig kidney Na, K-ATPase) were replaced separately and together using site-directed mutagenesis of the rat alpha-1 cDNA. The mutant cDNAs were expressed in ouabain-sensitive HeLa cells. This system makes it possible to rapidly identify amino acid substitutions which significantly impair enzyme function, as substitutions which do not affect enzyme activity will yield colonies in the presence of ouabain, while substitutions which severely impair function will prevent or limit growth of the ouabain-sensitive HeLa cells. The amino acid replacements (E955Q, E956Q, E955Q-E956Q, E955D-E956D) all resulted in the growth of ouabain-sensitive cells, demonstrating that the modified Na, K-ATPase in each case was functional. To further study the altered enzymes, ouabain-resistant colonies were isolated and expanded into stable cell lines.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)






Van Huysse JW,Jewell EA,Lingrel JB




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1993-01-26 00:00:00












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