Analysis of twin data ascertained through probands: the double-entry approach.


:Twin pairs are sometimes included in studies because at least one of them is a proband, and conventionally the analysis of the data is based on the conditional distribution of the co twin given the proband. In the case of more than one proband in each pair, an often used "ad hoc" method of analysis is to allow each twin to act as proband as well as co twin. An example of this is the pro band wise concordance, which is used as an estimate of the case wise concordance under incomplete ascertainment. In this paper, we show that the method of double entry under a regularity condition provides consistent estimates of parameters, but that conventional standard errors as well as a correction suggested by Stevenson et al. will be wrong. Instead, we recommend the use of an easily calculated sandwich estimator. We illustrate the method with twin data from a study of the genetic component in hand eczema.


Genet Epidemiol


Genetic epidemiology


Hindsberger C,Bryld LE




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  • Estimation of allele frequencies with data on sibships.

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  • A combination test for detection of gene-environment interaction in cohort studies.

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  • Measuring the inflation of the lod score due to its maximization over model parameter values in human linkage analysis.

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  • Commentary: the affected sib-pair method in the context of an epidemiologic study design.

    abstract::The purpose of this commentary is to provide a framework for using the well-known sib-pair methodology in the context of epidemiologic study designs. Using examples from the Pittsburgh family studies of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, we illustrate that the sib-pair method can be used in family-based epidemiologi...

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  • Trends in prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome and other autosomal trisomies in Scotland 1990 to 1994, with associated cytogenetic and epidemiological findings.

    abstract::The present report summarizes findings on 670 cases of autosomal trisomy diagnosed in Scotland, with actual or expected dates of delivery in 1990 to 1994 inclusive. Cases were notified by cytogenetic service laboratories. There were 277 prenatal and 369 postnatal diagnoses and 24 spontaneous losses. Excluding the latt...

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  • Estimating the power of variance component linkage analysis in large pedigrees.

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  • A Bayesian toolkit for genetic association studies.

    abstract::We present a range of modelling components designed to facilitate Bayesian analysis of genetic-association-study data. A key feature of our approach is the ability to combine different submodels together, almost arbitrarily, for dealing with the complexities of real data. In particular, we propose various techniques f...

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  • PreCimp: Pre-collapsing imputation approach increases imputation accuracy of rare variants in terms of collapsed variables.

    abstract::Imputation is widely used for obtaining information about rare variants. However, one issue concerning imputation is the low accuracy of imputed rare variants as the inaccurate imputed rare variants may distort the results of region-based association tests. Therefore, we developed a pre-collapsing imputation method (P...

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