Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS): epidemiology and clinical features.


:Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is a newly emerged infectious disease with a significant morbidity and mortality. The major clinical features include persistent fever, chills/rigor, myalgia, malaise, dry cough, headache, and dyspnoea. Older subjects may present without the typical febrile response. Common laboratory features include lymphopenia, thrombocytopenia, raised alanine transaminases, lactate dehydrogenase, and creatine kinase. The constellation of compatible clinical and laboratory findings, together with certain characteristic radiological features and lack of clinical response to broad spectrum antibiotics, should arouse suspicion of SARS. Measurement of serum RNA by real time reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction technique has a detection rate of 75%-80% in the first week of the illness.


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Hui DS,Chan MC,Wu AK,Ng PC




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  • FAST-TIA: a prospective evaluation of a nurse-led anterior circulation TIA clinic.

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  • Acquired common variable hypogammaglobulinaemia and lymphoedema.

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  • Congenital heart disease in pregnancy.

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  • General hospital services for deliberate self-poisoning: an expensive road to nowhere?

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  • Clinical distinction of cerebral haemorrhage and cerebral infarction.

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  • Tuberculous perforation of the small bowel.

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  • Factors associated with high risk of marginal hyperthermia in elderly patients living in an institution.

    abstract::The elderly, the very young, and the sick are known to be adversely affected by high environmental temperatures. In a retrospective open case-note review of 872 patients in a large institution during a hot summer we identified characteristics in the elderly that increase the risk of marginal hyperthermia. Women were m...

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  • Pubic osteomyelitis presenting as irritable hip.

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  • Global health training in US obstetrics and gynaecology residency programmes: perspectives of students, residents and programme directors.

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  • Haemorrhagic breast infarction complicating anticoagulant therapy.

    abstract::Haemorrhagic infarction of the breast induced by anticoagulant therapy is rare and has been infrequently reported in the literature. The following report illustrates such a case in which there was development of massive haemorrhagic infarction of the breast during treatment with nicoumalone for deep venous thrombosis ...

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  • An audit of "do not attempt resuscitation" decisions in two district general hospitals: do current guidelines need changing?

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Doctors in all specialties are involved in making "do not attempt resuscitation" (DNAR) decisions; this can be a difficult and challenging process. Guidelines exist to provide an ethical and legal framework for the process and documentation of these decisions. OBJECTIVE:To audit the documentation of resus...

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  • Comparison of aortic dissection in Chinese patients with and without Marfan syndrome.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Aortic dissection is a life-threatening cardiovascular disease with high mortality. Little is known about comparisons of the clinical characteristics or the factors that influence the long-term prognosis of Chinese patients with aortic dissection with and without Marfan syndrome (MFS). METHODS:The authors s...

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  • Delayed sudden death after ingestion of MCPP and ioxynil: an unusual presentation of hormonal weedkiller intoxication.

    abstract::A patient who died in asystole less than 18 h after ingestion of 'Clovercide Extra', a combination hormonal weedkiller containing ioxynil and 4-chloro-2-methyl phenoxypropionic acid, is described. Previous reports describe coma as an early event following ingestion of these herbicides. In contrast our patient, althoug...

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  • Testis cancer.

    abstract::Testis cancer is an increasing problem, especially in northern European male populations. However, survival has improved dramatically over one generation. Environmental factors may have a role in the aetiology with high oestrogen concentrations implicated. Testis cancer is subdivided between seminoma and non-seminoma....

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  • A doctor's experience of resuscitation decision making for older patients: coping with change.

    abstract::There has been a dramatic change in the way that resuscitation decisions are made for older hospital inpatients in the UK. In less than 20 years many geriatric medicine wards have moved from an "opt-in" policy (where the default position is not to provide resuscitation) to a position where resuscitation is widely avai...

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  • Prognostic factors in Wegener's granulomatosis.

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  • Republished paper: Meta-analysis of the effect of comprehensive smoke-free legislation on acute coronary events.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess the evidence for a reduced risk of acute coronary events following comprehensive smoke-free legislation. METHODS:Two independent systematic reviews were undertaken using PubMed, Embase and Science Direct with no date restrictions imposed. Meta-analysis was undertaken using a random effects model to...

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  • Troponin T elevation in lobar lung disease.

    abstract::Two patients with a rise in cardiac troponin T (cTnT) concentrations during the course of lobar pneumonia, without any evidence of acute coronary syndrome or renal failure, are presented. The increase in cTnT concentration is considered a highly sensitive marker of cardiac injury, although it may also rise in other co...

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