Self-referred whole-body imaging: where are we now?


PURPOSE:To identify current patterns and trends of computed tomographic (CT) screening, including geographic data, services provided, facility type, and demographic characteristics. MATERIALS AND METHODS:In March 2003, self-referred body imaging (SRBI) centers were identified by using the Internet. Data involving geographic location, type of facility, services provided, and demographic characteristics were collected. The 2000 U.S. census data were used to compare center locality demographics with national patterns. Descriptive statistics, t tests, and regression analyses were used to evaluate data. Nonstatistical comparisons were made with results obtained from a previously published analysis. RESULTS:The number of SRBI centers totaled 161 (vs 88 in a comparative study in 2001), and centers were distributed across 31 states and Washington, DC (vs 21 in 2001). Racial demographics of center localities more closely resembled national averages in the current study, with equal percentages of whites (76.0% vs 77.1% nationally) and Hispanics (11.5% vs 12.5% nationally). Center localities continued to exhibit greater wealth and levels of education, as reflected by higher income per capita and median household income (P < .05), as well as by higher percentages of people with college and advanced degrees (P < .05). Heart scanning was the most commonly offered service (n = 152, 94%), followed by whole-body scanning (n = 135, 84%), lung scanning (n = 126, 78%), and virtual colonoscopy (n = 88, 55%). Centers in the West were more likely to offer whole-body and organ-specific scanning, compared with centers in other regions (P < .001 for virtual colonoscopy, P < .05 for head scanning). Hospital-based centers were less likely to offer services other than heart scanning (P < .001). CONCLUSION:Compared with results of a prior analysis, SRBI centers have increased and are distributed more widely in areas with a population that more closely resembles national norms. The increased trend to broaden services may suggest possible saturation of the preexisting market.






Kalish GM,Bhargavan M,Sunshine JH,Forman HP




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  • Talocalcaneonavicular joint arthrography for sustentacular-talar tarsal coalitions.

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    abstract::Ultrasound treatment (1.5 W/cm2, 1.9 MHz, C.W.) for 15 minutes either before or after x irradiation reduced the TCD50 of sarcoma-180 by approximately 40% while similar ultrasound treatment for up to 30 minutes did not reduce the TCD50 of the C3HBA mammary adenocarcinoma. Water bath heating (44.5 degrees C for 15 minut...


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  • Computed tomography in the evaluation of musculoskeletal neoplasms.

    abstract::In a study of 62 musculoskeletal neoplasms, computed tomography contributed little to establishing tissue diagnosis. Its primary value lay in the assessment of intraosseous and/or extraosseous extent of disease. CT also established the presence or absence of disease in a small number of cases with clinically questiona...


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  • Relationship between Overall Survival of Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and Whole-Body Metabolic Tumor Burden Seen on Postsurgical Fluorodeoxyglucose PET Images.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To test the hypothesis that whole-body metabolic tumor burden (MTBWB) on postsurgical fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) positron emission tomographic (PET)/computed tomographic (CT) images in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is associated with their overall survival (OS). MATERIALS AND METHODS:The insti...


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  • Valve and great vessel stenosis: assessment with MR jet velocity mapping.

    abstract::For measurement of poststenotic jet velocities with magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, the authors reduced the echo time (TE) of the field even-echo rephasing (FEER) velocity mapping sequence from 14.0 to 3.6 msec, so minimizing the problem of MR signal loss from turbulent fluid. In vitro use of rotating disk and stenot...


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  • Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy in 47 HIV-seropositive patients: neuroimaging with clinical and pathologic correlation.

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    abstract:PURPOSE:To retrospectively evaluate the influence of postbiopsy hemorrhage on the accuracy of tumor detection at T2-weighted magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, dynamic contrast material-enhanced MR imaging, and diffusion-weighted (DW) MR imaging of prostate cancer, with histologic findings as the reference standard. MAT...


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  • Perforation of the inferior vena cava with aortic and vertebral penetration by a suprarenal Greenfield filter.

    abstract::Various complications have been reported after insertion of the Greenfield filter. This report describes an unusual complication after suprarenal placement of this filter: spreading of the filter struts, with perforation of the inferior vena cava, and penetration of the aorta and a vertebral body, followed by fracture...


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  • Clinical significance of 99mtechnetium sulfur colloid accumulation in renal transplant patients.

    abstract::The accumulation of 99mtechnetium sulfur colloid (99mTcSC) was evaluated in 47 studies performed on 19 renal transplant patients by comparing its transplant activity to its bone marrow accumulation. There was a diagnosis of rejection of 21 of 22 studies (96.5%) in which marked transplant accumulation was noted. In 11 ...


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  • Primary human breast adenocarcinoma: imaging and histologic correlates of intrinsic susceptibility-weighted MR imaging before and during chemotherapy.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To investigate the histopathologic and dynamic magnetic resonance (MR) imaging correlates of intrinsic susceptibility-weighted (ISW) MR imaging in patients with primary human breast adenocarcinoma and to assess the relationship between baseline transverse relaxation rate (R2*) and T2* relaxivity change (ΔR2*) a...


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  • Focal uptake of fluorodeoxyglucose by the thyroid in patients undergoing initial disease staging with combined PET/CT for non-small cell lung cancer.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To retrospectively evaluate the prevalence of focal fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) uptake by the thyroid gland on combined positron emission tomographic (PET) and computed tomographic (CT) scans in patients undergoing staging of newly diagnosed non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). MATERIALS AND METHODS:Institutional ...


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  • Criteria for classifying normal and degenerated lumbar intervertebral disks.

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  • Liposarcoma of the extremities: MR and CT findings in the histologic subtypes.

    abstract::The findings on images of liposarcomas of the extremities in 48 patients (26 men and 22 women aged 20-85 years) were reviewed to correlate the histologic subtypes with radiologic appearance. Computed tomographic scans were obtained in 36 patients; magnetic resonance (MR) images, in 27 patients. The study group had 19 ...


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  • Complicated inferior vena cava filter retrievals: associated factors identified at preretrieval CT.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To examine filter characteristics at preretrieval computed tomography (CT) that are associated with complicated inferior vena cava (IVC) filter retrieval procedures. MATERIALS AND METHODS:This study was HIPAA compliant, and informed consent was waived. Institutional review board-approved retrospective review o...


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  • A comparison of methods for assessing patient body burden following 131I therapy for thyroid cancer.

    abstract::The effectiveness of three methods of assessing the patient body burden following 131I therapy was compared: (a) urine assay, (b) external exposure rate measurements, and (c) predictions based on a pretherapy diagnostic work-up. The urine assay method exhibited the greatest potential for error and personnel risk. The ...


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  • Human breast lesions: characterization with contrast-enhanced in vivo proton MR spectroscopy--initial results.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To assess the clinical usefulness of localized proton (hydrogen 1) magnetic resonance (MR) spectroscopy in the characterization of contrast material-enhanced breast lesions on the basis of choline detection. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Examinations were performed at 1.5 T with use of a standard breast coil. Contrast...


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