High compared with standard gentamicin dosing for chorioamnionitis: a comparison of maternal and fetal serum drug levels.


OBJECTIVE:To compare umbilical cord and maternal serum peak gentamicin concentration, gentamicin elimination, and clinical outcomes between women who received once-daily compared with standard, thrice-daily dosing for clinical chorioamnionitis. METHODS:We randomly assigned 38 laboring women, at least 34 weeks gestation, with clinical chorioamnionitis, into 1 of 2 gentamicin dosing groups: 5.1 mg/kg every 24 hours (once-daily; n = 18), or 120 mg followed by 80 mg every 8 hours (standard; n = 20). We measured maternal serum peak and delivery gentamicin concentrations and cord serum levels at delivery. Polynomial curve fitting was used to summarize gentamicin elimination. We also compared maternal and neonatal outcomes. RESULTS:Demographic characteristics of the 2 groups were similar. Median maternal peak gentamicin levels were higher with once-daily (18.2 microg/mL) compared with standard dosing (7.1 microg/mL) (P < .001). Maternal serum levels decreased below 2 microg/mL by 10 hours in the once-daily group and by 5 hours in the standard dosing group. Extrapolated peak cord serum levels were 6.9 microg/mL in the once-daily and 2.9 microg/mL in the standard dosing arm. Cord levels decreased below 2 microg/mL by 10 hours in the once-daily and by 5 hours in the standard dosing group. We found no differences in maternal or neonatal outcomes. CONCLUSION:Peak maternal serum gentamicin levels ranged from 13 to 25 microg/mL after a dose of 5.1 mg/kg. Single-dose gentamicin resulted in fetal serum peak levels that were closer to optimal neonatal values. Gentamicin clearance in the term fetus was similar to published values for the newborn infant. No adverse effects of high-dose therapy were noted.


Obstet Gynecol


Locksmith GJ,Chin A,Vu T,Shattuck KE,Hankins GD




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  • What is new in intrauterine devices? Best articles from the past year.

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  • Vaginal evisceration.

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  • Control of intractable atonic postpartum hemorrhage by 15-methyl prostaglandin F2 alpha.

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  • ACOG Committee Opinion #295: pain relief during labor.

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  • Poor perinatal outcome associated with retained cerclage in patients with premature rupture of membranes.

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  • Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia III: long-term outcome after cold-knife conization with clear margins.

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  • Intrapartum fetal cardiac arrhythmias.

    abstract::Fifteen cases of fetal cardiac arrhythmia were detected by direct fetal electrocardiogram (FECG) during intrapartum fetal monitoring. The frequency of arrhythmia of 12.4/1000 monitored births. Thirteen of the arrhythmias were supraventricular. Atrial bigeminy was the most commonly observed arrhythmia, followed by atri...

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  • Factors predisposing to and outcome of gestational diabetes.

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  • Changes in thyroid function tests during danazol therapy.

    abstract::Danazol is a synthetic steroid with antigonadotropic properties useful in treating endometriosis, especially in young infertile women. Prior to its availability for clinical use in September 1976, thyroid function studies other than thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), which was normal, had not been reported. Soon after...

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  • A trial of prophylactic cefamandole in extended gynecologic surgery.

    abstract::A double-blind randomized trial of antibiotic prophylaxis was performed with 49 patients undergoing extended pelvic surgery for adenocarcinoma of the endometrium. In this series infections of the Hemovac drain site(s) were most common (8 of 10 infections); only 1 serious infection, pelvic cellulitis, occurred. Short-t...

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  • Serotonin receptor 1A C(-1019)G polymorphism associated with premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess whether the G allele of the serotonin receptor 1A C(-1019)G polymorphism is associated with premenstrual dysphoric disorder. METHODS:The study sample comprised 53 women with clinically diagnosed premenstrual dysphoric disorder (age range 27-46 years, mean 37.7 years) and 51 healthy control subjects...

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  • Implementing Couple's Human Immunodeficiency Virus Testing and Counseling in the Antenatal Care Setting.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To describe a pilot implementation of couple's human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing and counseling in an antenatal care clinic in the United States. METHODS:We used a cross-sectional study design. Couples were recruited from an antenatal care clinic of a large, urban, tertiary medical center, and were ...

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  • Cost of transferring one through five embryos per in vitro fertilization cycle from various payor perspectives.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:We sought to examine the costs of transferring one through five embryos per in vitro fertilization cycle from each of three perspectives: society, the infertile couple, and the insurer. METHODS:Data from the 2003 Assisted Reproductive Technology Report was used to create Markov decision analytic models strat...

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  • Anthropometric assessment of body size differences of full-term male and female infants.

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  • Lidocaine spray compared with submucosal injection for reducing pain during loop electrosurgical excision procedure: a randomized controlled trial.

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To estimate the incidence of surgical-site infection with use of chlorhexidine-alcohol compared with povidone-iodine among women undergoing cesarean deliveries. METHODS:This was a retrospective cohort review of 1,000 consecutive cases in women who underwent cesarean delivery over a 1-year interval. The prima...

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  • Group A streptococcal puerperal sepsis preceded by positive surveillance cultures.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Screening of pregnant women for vaginal and rectal carriage of group B streptococci may also identify group A streptococcal carriers. The clinical significance of prenatal group A streptococcal carriage is unknown. CASES:Two women developed group A streptococcal puerperal sepsis after delivery at one hospit...

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  • Individualized treatment of stage I carcinoma of the vulva.

    abstract::A series of 117 patients with stage I squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva was followed for 3 to 21 years. Twenty recurrences (17.1%) were found, 12 in the vulva or vagina, 7 in the groin, and 1 in a patient who developed distant metastases. Invasion of tumor cells in lymph or blood vessels was found in operative spec...

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  • Placental insufficiency is characterized by platelet activation in the fetus.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To investigate whether activation of circulating platelets was present in the fetal and maternal circulation in cases with vascular disease in the fetal-umbilical-placental circulation as identified by umbilical artery Doppler study. METHODS:We studied 20 mother-fetus pairs with an abnormal umbilical artery ...

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  • Cyclic changes of peritoneal fluid parameters in normal and infertile patients.

    abstract::This study compared peritoneal fluid volume, macrophage count, and macrophage concentration by diagnosis and cycle week of 426 patients undergoing laparoscopy. Patient diagnosis and cycle week had no significant interaction. Peritoneal fluid volume was dependent upon cycle week and diagnostic group, but macrophage cou...

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  • Two-year outcome of infants weighing 600 grams or less at birth and born 1994 through 1998.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess the neurologic and developmental outcome at 2 years of age in preterm infants with birth weights 600 g or lower. METHOD:We conducted a retrospective review from January 1994 through December 1998 for placental histopathology, maternal factors, neonatal intensive care unit course, growth, neurologic...

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  • Middle cerebral artery velocimetry: different clinical relevance depending on umbilical velocimetry.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the role of cerebral velocimetry as a predictor of perinatal outcome in high-risk pregnancies. METHODS:Middle cerebral artery pulsatility index was measured in 576 high-risk pregnancies undergoing umbilical velocimetry. The results of both tests were evaluated with respect to the birth of small f...

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  • Steroid hormone contraception and bone mineral density: a cross-sectional study in an international population. The WHO Study of Hormonal Contraception and Bone Health.

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  • Recurrent obstetric management mistakes identified by simulation.

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  • Abortion training in Canadian obstetrics and gynecology residency programs.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To study abortion training in Canadian obstetrics and gynecology (ob-gyn) residency programs. METHODS:An anonymous questionnaire was sent to all postgraduate year (PGY)-4 and PGY-5 ob-gyn residents (n=130) and residency program directors (n=16) in Canada. The questionnaires inquired about demographic informa...

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  • Cordocentesis for the diagnosis and treatment of human fetal parvovirus infection.

    abstract::Human parvovirus B-19 infection was diagnosed by DNA hybridization in blood obtained by cordocentesis from two hydropic fetuses at 22 and 26 weeks' gestation; B-19-specific immunoglobulin M (IgM) in fetal blood was negative in both cases. Hematologic studies demonstrated severe anemia, which was treated by intravascul...

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    authors: Peters MT,Nicolaides KH

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  • Practice Bulletin No. 159 Summary: Management of Preterm Labor.

    abstract::Preterm birth is the leading cause of neonatal mortality and the most common reason for antenatal hospitalization (1-4). In the United States, approximately 12% of all live births occur before term, and preterm labor preceded approximately 50% of these preterm births (5, 6). Although the causes of preterm labor are no...

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  • Etiology of prune belly syndrome: evidence of megalocystic origin in an early fetus.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Prune belly syndrome is a rare and complicated condition affecting the genitourinary organs and abdominal wall. The etiology of abdominal musculature deficiency in prune belly syndrome is controversial. We present a case that should elucidate the etiology of this syndrome. CASE:A spontaneously aborted fetus...

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    authors: Terada S,Suzuki N,Uchide K,Ueno H,Akasofu K

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