The importance of clinical parameters when differentiating cholestatic hepatitis C virus from allograft rejection.


BACKGROUND:The exact cause and appropriate treatment for cholestasis following liver transplantation in recipients with hepatitis C virus recurrence (RHCV) are difficult to determine. Our objective was to determine the diagnostic accuracy of clinical and histological parameters in liver transplant recipients with RHCV and concurrent cholestasis. METHODS:A retrospective analysis from June 1996 to May 2003 was performed on adult liver transplant (OLT) recipients with hepatitis C virus. Patients with cholestasis (bilirubin >5 mg/dL, 6 months after OLT) were selected. Demographics, etiology, immune suppression, clinical and histologic outcomes, and virologic features were evaluated. Patients were divided into two groups based on clinical and histological criteria: (1) patients with parameters suggestive of cholestatic HCV; and (2) patients with parameters consistent with acute cellular rejection. RESULTS:Thirty-seven patients met study criteria (20 males). The average age was 54 years (range = 14-72), and time from transplant to jaundice was 769 days (range = 48-2981). The groups were comparable regarding HCV viral load, age, gender, time from transplant, and United Network of Organ Sharing status at time of transplant. Retransplantation was performed in two patients in group 1, neither of whom survived, and in three patients in group 2, all of whom survived. Clinical parameters correlated well with diagnosis of cholestasis (r = 0.85, P < .001) whereas histological evaluation did not (r = 0.11, P = .53). Mortality in group 1 was 78% (7 of 9) vs. 50% (13 of 26) in group 2. Median duration of survival following liver transplantation in group 1 was 132 days versus 435 days in group 2. CONCLUSION:Clinical diagnosis parameters for RHCV with cholestasis appear more accurate than histology parameters and should be the primary consideration in directing therapy. Despite timely diagnosis, cholestatic RHCV LTx recipients have a poor prognosis.


Transplant Proc


Neff GW,Shire N,Ruiz P,O'Brien C,Garcia M,Dela Garza J,Rudich SR,Reddy KR




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    abstract::We performed a living donor liver transplantation (LDLT) for a 57-year-old man who had end-stage liver failure with portal hypertension and an inferior mesenteric vein-left testicular vein (IMV-LTV) shunt. At operation, we did not clamp the shunt but encircled it with a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) occluder (Su...

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  • The effects of ACE inhibition on serum angiotensin II concentration following cardiac transplantation.

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    abstract::Systemic administration of erythropoietin (Epo) protects the myocardium from an ischemic insult and promotes beneficial remodeling. We hypothesized that intracardiac injection of Epo may exhibit cardioprotective potential with reduced systemic toxicity. Following myocardial infarction (MI), Epo was injected directly i...

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  • Results and complications after living related kidney transplantation in Hungary: 30 years' experience.

    abstract::The number of patients suffering from kidney disorders is increasing the need for kidney transplantation. Kidneys originating from living donors (LD) show substantially better results than those originating from cadaveric donors (CD). We performed 3000 kidney transplantations between November 1973 and December 2007, i...

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  • Effect of active airway warming on body core temperature during adult liver transplantation.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Active inspired gas humidification (AH) preserves body heat and maintains normothermia intraoperatively. However, it is unclear whether AH shows comparable influences during liver transplantation (OLT), which may be affected by both large internal heat loss and external heat supply. Thus, the aim of this s...

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  • A necessary step toward kidney donor safety: the transition from locking polymer clips to transfixion techniques in laparoscopic donor nephrectomy.

    abstract::Donor safety is of paramount importance in addressing end-stage renal failure through living kidney transplantation. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Class II recall on the use of Hem-o-lok (Teleflex, Limerick, Pennsylvania, United States) polymer clips on the renal artery in laparoscopic ...

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