Contribution of the amygdala to learning and performance of conditional fear.


:The amygdaloid complex appears to be an essential component in the neural systems mediating some forms of aversive Pavlovian conditioning. The relative contribution of this structure to acquisition and performance during fear conditioning was assessed by making temporary lesions in the amygdala prior to training or retention testing in a single-trial Pavlovian conditioning preparation. Microinjection of lidocaine HCl (5.0%, 1.0 microliters) into the amygdala prior to the presentation of a CS signalling footshock resulted in a significant attenuation of the performance of conditional fear, as indexed by the amount of time rats spent engaged in defensive freezing behavior during the retention session. However, similar treatment with lidocaine prior to the training session, during which the CS and UCS were paired, resulted in only a weak reduction in subsequent responding. Thus, while both acquisition- and performance-related processes take place within the amygdala, it appears that the latter are more sensitive to disruption using the present procedures. These results are discussed in terms of the general role played by this structure in aversive learning and motivational processes.


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  • Testosterone and its metabolites in male cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis): behavior and biochemistry.

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  • Effects of light stimulation on the activity of the autonomic nerves in anesthetized rats.

    abstract::The existence of the retino-hypothalamic pathway suggests that light stimulation may influence the activity of the autonomic outflows. Efferent activities of the pancreatic, hepatic, and gastric branches of the vagus nerve and those of pancreatic, hepatic, splenic, adrenal, and renal branch of the splanchnic nerve wer...

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  • Enkephalinergic involvement in periaqueductal gray control of hypothalamically elicited predatory attack in the cat.

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  • Behavioural response of sexually naïve and experienced male rats to the smell of 6-methyl-5-hepten-2-one and female rat faeces.

    abstract::Sexually experienced male rats display penile erections when exposed to faeces from mammalian females in oestrus (Rampin et al., Behav Brain Res, 172:169, 2006), suggesting that specific odours indicate female receptiveness across species. However, it is unknown to what extent the sexual response observed results from...

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  • Dominance status predicts response to nonsocial forced movement stress in the green anole lizard (Anolis carolinensis).

    abstract::We used changes in body color and eyespot formation, two somatic indices of stress controlled mainly by catecholamine activity, to compare the reactions of dominant and subordinate male green anole lizards (Anolis carolinensis) to a nonsocial stressor, forced movement. Individual males were pretested by subjecting the...

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  • Ontogeny of behavioral inhibition induced by unfamiliar adult male conspecifics in preweanling rats.

    abstract::Previous studies showed that when socially isolated at 22 degrees C, postnatal day 14 rats, but not younger day 7 rats, reduce their emission of ultrasonic vocalizations when exposed to an unfamiliar adult male rat, a naturalistic threat. Because ultrasound production is associated with factors such as age and body te...

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  • Environmental enrichment enhances delayed-type hypersensitivity in both short- and long-day Siberian hamsters.

    abstract::Darwinian fitness reflects trade-offs between reproduction and survival. Mechanisms have evolved in small nontropical mammals and birds to maximize reproductive output during the summer when thermoregulatory demands are relatively low and food is abundant and to shunt energy to processes that presumably increase the o...

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  • Effects of repeated stress on plasma arginine levels in young and old rats.

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  • Palatability and dietary restraint: effect on cephalic phase insulin release in women.

    abstract::The palatability of food has been shown to influence the cephalic phase reflexes. To determine if food palatability affects the magnitude of cephalic phase insulin release (CPIR) in humans, normal-weight women were asked to list foods that they found palatable and unpalatable. Subjects then stayed overnight in the hos...

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  • Feeding cycles in smokers, exsmokers and nonsmokers.

    abstract::Smokers, exsmokers and nonsmokers showed 50 to 150 minute cycles of consummatory behavior (eating and drinking) that appear to reflect a biological rhythm of oral drive. Smokers and exsmokers had significantly shorter cycles, i.e., more frequent consummatory peaks, than nonsmokers. If a greater frequency of consummato...

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  • Elevated plus-maze behavior in adult offspring of selectively bred rats.

    abstract::Animals sampled from the third generation (S3) of selective breeding of N:NIH strain rats based on ultrasonic vocalization (USV) rates in infancy (High, Low, and Random lines) were tested as adults on the elevated plus maze, a well-validated test of anxiety. Results showed that the Low line spent a greater percent of ...

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  • Hormonal and emotional responses to competition using a dyadic approach: Basal testosterone predicts emotional state after a defeat.

    abstract::The present study analyzes the testosterone (T), cortisol (C) and emotional response in competitive interactions between dyads, as well as the relationship between basal T and the emotional response. Seventy-two men and women (36 dyads) participated in same-sex dyads in a face-to-face laboratory competition, and thirt...

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  • Effects of CB1 and CRF1 receptor antagonists on binge-like eating in rats with limited access to a sweet fat diet: lack of withdrawal-like responses.

    abstract::Positive reinforcement (e.g., appetitive, rewarding properties) has often been hypothesized to maintain excessive intake of palatable foods. Recently, rats receiving intermittent access to high sucrose diets showed binge-like intake with withdrawal-like signs upon cessation of access, suggesting negative reinforcement...

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  • The cephalic phase insulin response to nutritive and low-calorie sweeteners in solid and beverage form.

    abstract::The purpose of the study was to examine the role of the cephalic phase insulin response (CPIR) following exposure to nutritive and low-calorie sweeteners in solid and beverage form in overweight and obese adults. In addition, the role of learning on the CPIR to nutritive and low-calorie sweetener exposure was tested. ...

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  • Opioid antagonist-induced regulation of organ development.

    abstract::Naltrexone, a potent opioid antagonist, was given to preweaning rats in order to explore the influence of endogenous opioid systems on organogenesis. Sprague-Dawley rats were injected (SC) daily with either 1 or 50 mg/kg naltrexone to invoke a temporary or complete blockade, respectively, of opioid receptors; animals ...

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  • Food restriction neither improves nor exacerbates reproduction in obese female Zucker rats.

    abstract::Obese female Zucker rats have several reproductive abnormalities, including delayed puberty, abnormal estrous cyclicity, and behavioral hyporesponsiveness to ovarian steroid hormones. To ascertain whether excessive body weight per se causes these reproductive abnormalities, obese Zucker female rats were fed ad lib or ...

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  • Genetic analysis of water maze discrimination learning for Mus musculus: polygenes and albinism.

    abstract::Recombinant inbred strains, their progenitor strains and reciprocal F1 hybrids were given thirty spatial discrimination learning trials in the water maze. The pattern of RI strains in relation to the reciprocal F1 hybrids and the progenitor strains, and differences among strains, suggested that different sets of gene...

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  • Acquisition of i.v. cocaine self-administration in adolescent and adult male rats selectively bred for high and low saccharin intake.

    abstract::Adolescence and excessive intake of saccharin have each been previously associated with enhanced vulnerability to drug abuse. In the present study, we focused on the relationship between these two factors using male adolescent and adult rats selectively bred for high (HiS) and low (LoS) levels of saccharin intake. On ...

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  • Consequences of VGluT3 deficiency on learning and memory in mice.

    abstract::The aim of the present study was to test the hypothesis that vesicular glutamate transporter 3 (VGluT3) deficiency is associated with cognitive impairments. Male VGluT3 knockout (KO) and wild type (WT) mice were exposed to a behavioral test battery covering paradigms based on spontaneous exploratory behavior and reinf...

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  • The effects of subdiaphragmatic vagotomy on circadian corticosterone rhythmicity in rats with continuous or restricted food access.

    abstract::Plasma corticosteroid circadian periodicity was determined in three groups of individual adult male rats. Categories were: post-subdiaphragmatic vagotomy, sham-operated, and controls. Blood was sampled every 4 hours over a 48-hour period with ad lib feeding and after a 13-day period on daytime (0930--1330) restriction...

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  • Diphenyl diselenide ameliorates monosodium glutamate induced anxiety-like behavior in rats by modulating hippocampal BDNF-Akt pathway and uptake of GABA and serotonin neurotransmitters.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:Monosodium glutamate (MSG), a flavor enhancer used in food, administered to neonatal rats causes neuronal lesions and leads to anxiety when adulthood. AIMS:We investigated the anxiolytic-like effect of diphenyl diselenide (PhSe)2 and its mechanisms on anxiety induced by MSG. MAIN METHODS:Neonatal male and ...

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  • Strain differences in consumption of saline solutions by mice.

    abstract::Intake of saline (NaCl) solutions and water by males of two inbred strains of mice [C57BL/6J (C57) and 129/J] were examined using 48-h, two-bottle preference tests. There was a large strain difference in saline intake: at moderate concentrations (0.075-0.150 M) C57 mice tended to reject saline relative to water, where...

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  • Microdrive and method for single unit recording in the active rat.

    abstract::A technique for recording single unit activity in the active rat with microelectrodes is described. The microdrive used is small and light enough to be carried in a well that is chronically implanted on the head of the rat. The device permits standard microelectrodes to be lowered without rotation, a feature which red...

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  • Metabolic and vascular pattern in medial pterygoid muscle is altered by chronic stress in an animal model of hypodontia.

    abstract::Psychological stress is an important perpetuating, worsening and risk factor for temporomandibular disorders of muscular or articular origin. Occlusion instability, by the way, is considered a risk factor of this pathology and can be reproduced in some experimental animal models. The exact physiologic mechanism underl...

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  • Otitis media and associations with overweight status in toddlers.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Otitis media (OM) is a significant disease that affects nearly all children early in life. Recently, childhood overweight has become an epidemic. Past research has demonstrated that a history of OM is related to food preferences and overweight through proposed physiological mechanisms. The purpose of this ...

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    authors: Nelson HM,Daly KA,Davey CS,Himes JH,Synder DJ,Bartoshuk LM

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  • Oral processing assessed by M-mode ultrasound imaging varies with food attribute.

    abstract::Ultrasonic imaging was used to quantify oral movements made during the oral processing of foods while subjects assessed the intensity of the sensory attributes, thick, creamy, sweet and bitter. A series of four stimuli were prepared with high and low viscosities and high and low sweetness. Over five sessions, subjects...

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