Sigmund Freud and the diagram-maker school of aphasiology.


:Published 100 years ago, Freud's monograph on aphasia, Zur Auffassung der Aphasien, is an incisive analysis of the so-called diagram-makers, those aphasiologists who would reduce brain and language to simple schemes of circumscribed cortical centers linked by unidirectional subcortical pathways. Chief architects of the diagram-maker school were Wernicke and Lichtheim, and their formulations of conduction aphasia and the transcortical aphasias were particular targets of Freud's trenchant criticism. Freud argued against functional differentiation within left hemisphere perisylvian language regions, and he suggested that traditional aphasic syndromes were artifacts of lesions that included cortical language regions and deeper white matter pathways not directly involved with language. He provided an innovative classification of aphasia based on types of associations presumed to be affected. Freud, however, failed to adduce new clinical or pathological observations; he was perhaps unnecessarily harsh in challenging authorities in the field of aphasia; and his theory had to compete with a straightforward and already entrenched anatomical view of language representation. Despite Freud's lucid argumentation, his carefully crafted monograph was never widely noted.


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  • Cross-language phonological activation: evidence from masked onset priming and ERPs.

    abstract::The goal of the present research was to provide direct evidence for the cross-language interaction of phonologies at the sub-lexical level by using the masked onset priming paradigm. More specifically, we investigated whether there is a cross-language masked onset priming effect (MOPE) with L2 (English) primes and L1 ...

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  • Atypical temporal activation pattern and central-right brain compensation during semantic judgment task in children with early left brain damage.

    abstract::In this study we investigated the event-related potentials (ERPs) during the semantic judgment task (deciding if the two Chinese characters were semantically related or unrelated) to identify the timing of neural activation in children with early left brain damage (ELBD). The results demonstrated that compared with th...

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  • Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) selectively modulates semantic information during reading.

    abstract::The left angular gyrus has long been implicated in semantic processing. Here we tested whether or not transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) over the left angular gyrus modulated reading performance. Adult readers (N = 77) (1) read aloud words that varied in degree of imageability, a semantic word property kno...

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  • Acquired and developmental spelling dyslexia.

    abstract::Two cases of acquired spelling dyslexia and one case of developmental spelling dyslexia are described along with accounts of their performance on various psycholinguistic tasks. It is argued that there is some evidence that spelling dyslexia may exist in developmental form but that parallels are difficult to draw beca...

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  • The beneficial effect of a speaker's gestures on the listener's memory for action phrases: The pivotal role of the listener's premotor cortex.

    abstract::Memory for action phrases improves in the listeners when the speaker accompanies them with gestures compared to when the speaker stays still. Since behavioral studies revealed a pivotal role of the listeners' motor system, we aimed to disentangle the role of primary motor and premotor cortices. Participants had to rec...

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  • Auditory language comprehension: an event-related fMRI study on the processing of syntactic and lexical information.

    abstract::The functional specificity of different brain areas recruited in auditory language processing was investigated by means of event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) while subjects listened to speech input varying in the presence or absence of semantic and syntactic information. There were two sentence...

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  • Action naming in anomic aphasic speakers: effects of instrumentality and name relation.

    abstract::Many studies reveal effects of verb type on verb retrieval, mainly in agrammatic aphasic speakers. In the current study, two factors that might play a role in action naming in anomic aphasic speakers were considered: the conceptual factor instrumentality and the lexical factor name relation to a noun. Instrumental ver...

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  • Verb retrieval and sentence production in aphasia.

    abstract::This paper presents a subject with a selective verb retrieval deficit. Nouns were produced more successfully than verbs in spontaneous speech, picture naming and when naming to definition. The word class effect was not observed in comprehension tasks, reading aloud or writing. This indicated that it was due to a speci...

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  • On-line sensitivity to local and long-distance syntactic dependencies in Broca's aphasia.

    abstract::Seven agrammatic Broca's aphasics and ten normal control subjects performed a word-monitoring task to determine the degree to which violations of syntax would affect word-monitoring performance. Both local and long-distance dependencies were explored, as well as the effects of additional interceding words. Results ind...

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  • Speech event related potentials reflect linguistic content and processing level.

    abstract::Amplitude changes in the auditory event related response reflect differences in linguistic content and the level of processing of spoken sentences. Thus, the neurophysiology of the cognitive processes underlying speech perception can be evaluated by noninvasive techniques. Semantically correct, semantically incorrect,...

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  • Localising semantic and syntactic processing in spoken and written language comprehension: an Activation Likelihood Estimation meta-analysis.

    abstract::We conducted an Activation Likelihood Estimation (ALE) meta-analysis to identify brain regions that are recruited by linguistic stimuli requiring relatively demanding semantic or syntactic processing. We included 54 functional MRI studies that explicitly varied the semantic or syntactic processing load, while holding ...

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  • Objects, events and "to be" verbs in Spanish--an ERP study of the syntax-semantics interface.

    abstract::In Spanish, objects and events at subject position constrain the selection of different forms of the auxiliary verb "to be": locative predicates about objects require "estar en", while those relating to events require "ser en", both translatable as "to be in". Subjective ratings showed that while the "object+ser+en" i...

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  • Effects of imposed delay of response and item complexity on auditory comprehension by aphasics.

    abstract::Ten aphasic and five control subjects were administered an auditory comprehension task similar to Levels I-IV of the Revised Token Test under conditions of 0, 5, 10, and 20 sec of imposed response delay. Responses were evaluated in terms of performance accuracy and response time. Aphasic subjects' response accuracy wa...

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  • Rule-based versus associative processes in derivational morphology.

    abstract::The present article examines whether derivational morphology shows evidence of an associative memory structure. A distributional analysis of stems of attested derivational forms revealed evidence of clustering around phonological properties (gangs) for all nonneutral affixes but only a few neutral affixes. Subjects' a...

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  • Word length effect in early reading and in developmental dyslexia.

    abstract::Vocal reaction times were measured in Italian dyslexics and in proficient readers while they read single words. Three groups of control participants (for a total of 79) were tested. All were in the first, second or third grade of elementary school. Nine third graders with a low level of reading ability when assessed b...

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  • Thalamic and cortical pathways supporting auditory processing.

    abstract::The neural processing of auditory information engages pathways that begin initially at the cochlea and that eventually reach forebrain structures. At these higher levels, the computations necessary for extracting auditory source and identity information rely on the neuroanatomical connections between the thalamus and ...

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  • Reference assignment: using language breakdown to choose between theoretical approaches.

    abstract::We report results of an experimental study with Dutch agrammatic aphasics that investigated their ability to interpret pronominal elements in transitive clauses and Exceptional Case Marking constructions (ECM). Using the obtained experimental results as a tool, we distinguish between three competing linguistic theorie...

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  • The role of morphology in phoneme prediction: evidence from MEG.

    abstract::There is substantial neural evidence for the role of morphology (word-internal structure) in visual word recognition. We extend this work to auditory word recognition, drawing on recent evidence that phoneme prediction is central to this process. In a magnetoencephalography (MEG) study, we crossed morphological comple...

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  • Brain activity varies with modulation of dynamic pitch variance in sentence melody.

    abstract::Fourteen native speakers of German heard normal sentences, sentences which were either lacking dynamic pitch variation (flattened speech), or comprised of intonation contour exclusively (degraded speech). Participants were to listen carefully to the sentences and to perform a rehearsal task. Passive listening to flatt...

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  • Perception of words and non-words in the upper and lower visual fields.

    abstract::The findings of previous investigations into word perception in the upper and the lower visual field (VF) are variable and may have incurred non-perceptual biases caused by the asymmetric distribution of information within a word, an advantage for saccadic eye-movements to targets in the upper VF and the possibility t...

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  • Word order and Broca's region: evidence for a supra-syntactic perspective.

    abstract::It has often been suggested that the role of Broca's region in sentence comprehension can be explained with reference to general cognitive mechanisms (e.g. working memory, cognitive control). However, the (language-related) basis for such proposals is often restricted to findings on English. Here, we argue that an ext...

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  • Sulcus topography of the parietal opercular region: an anatomic and MR study.

    abstract::The study describes the sulcal and gyral topography, variability, and left-right asymmetry of the parietal operculum. Eighty postmortem hemispheres as well as sagittal magnetic resonance images from 20 health volunteers (40 hemispheres) were evaluated. Four different types of parietal opercular sulcus topography were ...

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  • Spatiotemporal dynamics of speech sound perception in chronic developmental stuttering.

    abstract::High-density ERPs were recorded in eight adults with persistent developmental stuttering (PERS) and eight matched normally fluent (CONT) control volunteers while participants either repeatedly uttered the vowel 'ah' or listened to their own previously recorded vocalizations. The fronto-central N1 auditory wave was red...

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  • Neural correlates of quantity processing of Chinese numeral classifiers.

    abstract::Linguistic analysis suggests that numeral classifiers carry quantity information. However, previous neuroimaging studies have shown that classifiers did not elicit higher activation in the intraparietal sulcus (IPS), associated with representation of numerical magnitude, than tool nouns did. This study aimed to contro...

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    authors: Her OS,Chen YC,Yen NS

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  • The neuronal infrastructure of speaking.

    abstract::Models of speaking distinguish producing meaning, words and syntax as three different linguistic components of speaking. Nevertheless, little is known about the brain's integrated neuronal infrastructure for speech production. We investigated semantic, lexical and syntactic aspects of speaking using fMRI. In a picture...

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    authors: Menenti L,Segaert K,Hagoort P

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  • Complex linguistic rules modulate early auditory brain responses.

    abstract::During speech perception, listeners compensate for phonological rules of their language. For instance, English place assimilation causes green boat to be typically pronounced as greem boat; English listeners, however, perceptually compensate for this rule and retrieve the intended sound (n). Previous research using EE...

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    authors: Sun Y,Giavazzi M,Adda-Decker M,Barbosa LS,Kouider S,Bachoud-Lévi AC,Jacquemot C,Peperkamp S

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  • Experimental evidence for serial models of lexical access: a judgment task.

    abstract::The hypothesis that the lemma and lexeme levels of lexical access are in a feed-forward serial relation is supported. Subjects judge the degree of semantic relatedness of pairs of words. Stimuli are all functionally synonymous; they are pairs of words implicated in natural word blends. Half the stimuli are phonologica...

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  • The special status of verbal knowledge in semantic memory: evidence from performance of semantically impaired subjects on verbalizable and non-verbalizable versions of the object decision task.

    abstract::According to the semantic hub hypothesis, a supramodal semantic hub is equally needed to deal with verbal and extraverbal "surface" representations. Damage to the supramodal hub is thought to underlie the crossmodal impairment observed in selective semantic deficits. In the present paper, we provide evidence supportin...

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  • Prominence vs. aboutness in sequencing: a functional distinction within the left inferior frontal gyrus.

    abstract::Prior research on the neural bases of syntactic comprehension suggests that activation in the left inferior frontal gyrus (lIFG) correlates with the processing of word order variations. However, there are inconsistencies with respect to the specific subregion within the IFG that is implicated by these findings: the pa...

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  • Unattentive speech processing is influenced by orthographic knowledge: evidence from mismatch negativity.

    abstract::How far can acquired knowledge such as orthographic knowledge affect pre-existing abilities such as speech perception? This controversial issue was addressed by investigating the automaticity of the influence of orthographic knowledge on speech processing. Many studies demonstrated this influence in active, lexico-sem...

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    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章


    authors: Pattamadilok C,Morais J,Colin C,Kolinsky R

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