Microanalysis of metals in barbs of a snow petrel (Pagodroma Nivea) from the Antarctica using synchrotron radiation X-ray fluorescence.


:For the first time synchrotron radiation X-ray fluorescence (SR-XRF) microanalysis was performed throughout the total length of 4 single barbs from the primaries and secondaries of a snow petrel (Pagodroma Nivea) collected in the Antarctica. Thirteen elements (S, Mg, K, Ca, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, Se, Sr, Ba, Hg and Pb) were detected somewhere in the barbs. Variations in levels of these elements within and among the barbs were obvious, indicating nonuniform microscale distributions. Factors influencing the fluctuations of the levels of the elements were investigated using a multivariate statistical analysis method. Five factors (F1 being associated with high loadings of Ca, Sr, and Ni, F2 with high loadings of Fe and Ba, F3 with high loadings of Se and Hg, F4 with high loadings of Ca and K, and F5 with high loadings of Zn and Pb) were found to explain about 80% of the total variance. Results from the factor analysis suggested external contamination of Fe, Ba, Pb, Zn and Hg on the feathers of the snow petrel.


Mar Pollut Bull


Xie Z,Zhang P,Sun L,Xu S,Huang Y,He W




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2008-03-01 00:00:00














  • A toxicity identification evaluation of silty marine harbor sediments to characterize persistent and non-persistent constituents.

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  • Acoustic characterization of sensors used for marine environmental monitoring.

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  • Large debris dumps in the northern South China Sea.

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  • Fate and behavior of Sanchi oil spill transported by the Kuroshio during January-February 2018.

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    abstract::Nowadays, Carbon Storage in Sub-Seabed Geological Structures (CS-SSGS) is having much interest. Nonetheless, these technologies are still under development, especially the leakage of the stored CO2 and the consequent acidification of the environment. Therefore, the goal of this study is to test the impact of CO2-induc...

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  • A model of PCB bioaccumulation in the sea bass food web from the Seine Estuary (eastern English Channel).

    abstract::A bioaccumulation model was developed to simulate the PCB contamination in the sea bass food web from the Seine Estuary. The model relies upon a contaminant mass balance budget for each biological species. Biological processes determine the extent of bioaccumulation: respiration and feeding rates control the uptake of...

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  • Antimicrobial resistance not related to 1,2,3 integrons and Superintegron in Vibrio spp. isolated from seawater sample of Lima (Peru).

    abstract::Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in microorganisms has been attributed to integrons, which have the ability to capture antimicrobial resistance gene cassettes and express them in their hosts. 170 strains of Vibrio spp. were isolated from Lima (Peru) seawater samples and identified by biochemical tests and PCR. AMR profi...

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  • PCBs and PBDEs in microplastic particles and zooplankton in open water in the Pacific Ocean and around the coast of Japan.

    abstract::PCBs and PBDEs in microplastics and zooplankton collected in surface water at 27 locations in the Pacific Ocean and around the coast of Japan were investigated. Both PCBs and PBDEs were observed in buoyant microplastics, even in smaller particles of 0.315-1 mm. Concentrations of Σ13 PCBs were 0.04-124 ng/g, and were h...

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  • Heavy metals, metalloids and other hazardous elements in marine plastic litter.

    abstract::Plastics, foams and ropes collected from beaches in SW England have been analysed for As, Ba, Br, Cd, Cl, Cr, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb, Sb, Se, Sn and Zn by field-portable-x-ray fluorescence spectrometry. High concentrations of Cl in foams that were not PVC-based were attributed to the presence of chlorinated flame retardants. ...

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  • Using a genetic algorithm to improve oil spill prediction.

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  • Metabolome responses of the sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus to multiple environmental stresses: Heat and hypoxia.

    abstract::Economically important marine organisms face severe environmental challenges, such as high temperature and low dissolved oxygen, from global climate change. Adverse environmental factors impact the survival and growth of economically important marine organisms, thereby negatively influencing the aquaculture industry. ...

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  • Entanglement of Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus) in marine debris: identifying causes and finding solutions.

    abstract::Entanglement in marine debris is a contributing factor in Steller sea lion (SSL; Eumetopias jubatus) injury and mortality. We quantified SSL entanglement by debris type, sex and age class, entanglement incidence, and estimated population level effects. Surveys of SSL haul-outs were conducted from 2000-2007 in Southeas...

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  • Analysis and inorganic composition of microplastics in commercial Malaysian fish meals.

    abstract::Presence of microplastics (MPs) in a broad range of wild and cultured marine organisms is well-documented, but transfer mechanisms by which cultured organisms are contaminated with MPs is poorly understood. MP loads in three Malaysian commercial brands of fish meal were investigated. Chemical composition of extracted ...

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  • Poly-aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) inputs from the Rhône River to the Mediterranean Sea in relation with the hydrological cycle: impact of floods.

    abstract::The concentrations of dissolved and particulate polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were monitored in waters of the Rhône River (France) every fortnight for a full calendar year, from June 1994 to May 1995. All flood events occurring over the course of the experiment were sampled at higher frequency to better quan...

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