QTc interval in survivors of out of hospital cardiac arrest.


BACKGROUND:QTc interval (QTc) prolongation is seen on the post-arrest electrocardiogram (ECG) of many out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) survivors. It remains unclear whether this is a transient phenomenon or a manifestation of an underlying arrhythmic substrate. This observational study assessed the trend of QTc in an unselected group of patients presenting with OHCA. We sought to identify any relationship between QTc, gender and aetiology of arrest. We observed whether targeted temperature management (TTM) is associated with malignant arrhythmia. METHOD:We analysed 60 patients presenting with OHCA to the Bristol Heart Institute during a 20-month period. We measured QTc on admission and assessed for persistence, development and resolution of prolongation at up to 5 time points post-OHCA. Aetiology of arrest was divided into coronary, non-coronary or primary arrhythmic to investigate for patterns in QTc behaviour. RESULTS:81.7% (49/60) of arrests were attributed to an acute coronary event. 55% (33/60) had QTc prolongation on admission, of which 79% resolved. There were no significant differences in QTc behaviour by aetiology. One patient presenting with a normal QTc, developed prolongation during admission and received a genetic diagnosis of Long QT Syndrome. TTM was employed in 57/60, with no increased incidence of malignant arrhythmia. CONCLUSIONS:Prolonged QTc on admission does not imply a primary arrhythmic aetiology and resolves in the majority pre-discharge. However, an initial normal QTc post-OHCA does not preclude a diagnosis of Long QT syndrome, highlighting the importance of thorough investigations in these patients. TTM appears safe from a cardiac perspective.


Int J Cardiol


Anilkumar A,Moore EJ,Gall AJ,Sammut E,Barman P




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