Blood transfusions recruit the microcirculation during cardiac surgery.


BACKGROUND:Perioperative red blood cell transfusions are commonly used in patients undergoing cardiac surgery to correct anemia caused by blood loss and hemodilution associated with cardiopulmonary bypass circulation. The aim of this investigation was to test the hypothesis that blood transfusion has beneficial effects on sublingual microcirculatory density, perfusion, and oxygenation. To this end, sidestream dark field (SDF) imaging and spectrophotometry were applied sublingually before and after blood transfusion during cardiac surgery. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS:Twenty-four adult patients undergoing on-pump cardiac surgery, including coronary artery bypass grafting, cardiac-valve surgery, or a combination of these two procedures, were included consecutively in this prospective, observational study. Sublingual microcirculatory density and perfusion were assessed using SDF imaging in 12 patients (Group A). Sublingual reflectance spectrophotometry was applied in 12 patients (Group B) to monitor microcirculatory oxygenation and hemoglobin (Hb) concentration. RESULTS:Blood transfusion caused an increase in systemic Hb concentration (p < 0.01) and hematocrit (p < 0.01). At the microcirculatory level, blood transfusion resulted in increased microcirculatory density (from 10.5 ± 1.2 to 12.9 ± 1.2 mm capillary/mm(2) tissue, p < 0.01) as shown using SDF imaging. In concert with the SDF measurements, spectrophotometry showed that microcirculatory Hb content increased from 61.4 ± 5.9 to 70.0 ± 4.7 AU (p < 0.01) and that microcirculatory Hb oxygen saturation increased from 65.6 ± 8.3% to 68.6 ± 8.4% (p = 0.06). CONCLUSION:In this study we have shown that blood transfusion: 1) improves the systemic circulation and oxygen-carrying capacity, 2) improves sublingual microcirculatory density but not perfusion velocity, and 3) improves microcirculatory oxygen saturation.






Yuruk K,Almac E,Bezemer R,Goedhart P,de Mol B,Ince C




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  • Unexpected red blood cell antibody distributions in Chinese people by a systematic literature review.

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  • Effects of Intercept pathogen reduction treatment on extended cold storage of apheresis platelets.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Platelets pose the greatest transfusion-transmitted infectious risk among blood products. Refrigeration of platelets can mitigate bacterial contamination and extend platelet shelf life. Implementation of pathogen reduction technologies (PRTs) at blood banks has become increasingly popular to protect against ...


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  • Cesarean section due to fetal distress increases the number of stem cells in umbilical cord blood.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Umbilical cord blood (UCB) can be used as hematopoietic stem cell source for transplantation. The success of a transplantation is highly correlated with the number of total nucleated cells (TNCs) and CD34+ cells in the UCB. Certain obstetric factors increase the yield of stem cells in the UCB. It is necessar...


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  • Immune-mediated hemolysis associated with the administration of a radiographic contrast medium.

    abstract::A female patient developed serious hemolysis in association with the injection of a radiographic contrast medium (RCM). Serologic investigation of her serum suggested complement-mediated hemolysis, induced by an RCM-dependent IgM antibody in her serum. The antibody was of high titer and low avidity. The antibody showe...


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