The role of features and configural processing in face-race classification.


:We explored perceptual factors that might account for the other-race classification advantage (ORCA) in classifying faces by race. Testing Chinese participants in China and Israeli participants in Israel we show that: (a) The distinction between Chinese and Israeli faces is highly accurate even on the basis of isolated eyes or faces with eyes concealed, but full faces are categorized faster. (b) The ORCA is similarly robust for full faces and for face parts. (c) The ORCA was larger when the configuration of the inner-face components was distorted, reflecting delayed categorization of own-race distorted faces relative to own-race normally configured faces but no conspicuous distortion effect on other-race faces. These data demonstrate that perceptual factors can account for the ORCA independently of social bias. We suggest that one source of the ORCA in race categorization is the configural analysis applied by default while processing own-race but not other-race faces.


Vision Res


Vision research


Zhao L,Bentin S




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  • Sustained deviation of gaze direction can affect "inverted vection" induced by the foreground motion.

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  • Effects of longitudinal chromatic aberration on accommodation and emmetropization.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Less accommodation was found when human subjects read in blue (peak at about 440 nm) than when they read in red light (above 600 nm; [Kroger & Binder, British Journal of Ophthalmology 84 (2000) 890]). On the other hand, emmetropization in chickens did not appear to compensate for the chromatic defocus (385 nm v...

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    abstract::The longitudinal chromatic aberration (LCA) of the human eye was determined between wavelengths 458 and 633 nm for ten observers by incorporating Argon and Helium-Neon Lasers into a Badal optometer system such that tonic (or "dark focus") resting positions of accommodation could be measured under darkroom conditions. ...

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  • Control of chromatic adaptation: signals from separate cone classes interact.

    abstract::Match stimuli presented on one side of a contextual image were adjusted to have the same appearance as test stimuli presented on the other side. Both full color and isochromatic contextual images were used. Contextual image pairs were constructed that had identical S-cone image planes, while their L- and M-cone image ...

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  • The field topography of ERG components in man--I. The photopic luminance response.

    abstract::A technique of multi-input systems analysis is used to explore the field topography of ERG responses to local luminance modulation. Variations in amplitude and wave form are studied within the central 23 degrees. Outside the fovea, the amplitude appears to follow a simple power law rx as a function of eccentricity r w...

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  • A system of regular ridges instead of nipples on a compound eye that has to operate near the diffraction limit.

    abstract::A system of regular, radial ridges, spaced approx. 250 nm apart, is reported from the outer corneal surface of the eye of the tiny moth Leucoptera coffeella. Antireflective coatings in larger insects with flatter facets often take the form of corneal nipples. However, evidence is presented that in an insect whose eyes...

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    abstract::The stereoacuity of the pigeon was measured by finding the smallest depth difference discriminable between two arrays of elements, each array confined to one of two parallel planes in space. For both the human and the pigeon, the depth between the two planes was not discriminable under stationary monocular conditions....

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  • The pigeon's distant visual acuity as a function of viewing angle.

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  • The role of separation and eccentricity in encoding position.

    abstract::We measured two- and three-line spatial interval and alignment thresholds for a wide range of separations and eccentricities. In order to avoid confounding the role of separation and eccentricity, the test lines were presented on iso-eccentric arcs, with radii between 0.625 and 10 deg. The iso-eccentric paradigm allow...

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