The effect of contrast adaptation on briefly presented stimuli.


:Wilson and Humanski (1993) have recently reported evidence that adapting to low temporal frequency sinewave gratings yields little threshold elevation for briefly presented test stimuli. We postulated that brief stimuli may be detected by a transient channel which would be minimally affected by a low temporal frequency adapting pattern. We therefore measured the effect of adaptation on briefly presented test stimuli for a wider range of adapting temporal frequencies. The results indicate that adaptation may yield threshold elevation for briefly presented stimuli and that threshold elevation is greater for high than low temporal frequency adapting patterns. These results are consistent with the hypothesis that briefly presented stimuli are detected by a transient channel.


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Vision research


Hammett ST,Snowden RJ




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  • High and low luminance letters, acuity reserve, and font effects on reading speed.

    abstract::We compared reading speed with two fonts, Dutch (serif) and Swiss (sans serif). Text was displayed on a computer monitor, white letters on black, with the RSVP method. Luminance of the letters was either 146.0 or 0.146 cd m-2. Lower-case x-height of the fonts was approximately 5.5 times as large as letter acuity. At t...

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  • 1st- and 2nd-order motion and texture resolution in central and peripheral vision.

    abstract::STIMULI. The 1st-order stimuli are moving sine gratings. The 2nd-order stimuli are fields of static visual texture, whose contrasts are modulated by moving sine gratings. Neither the spatial slant (orientation) nor the direction of motion of these 2nd-order (microbalanced) stimuli can be detected by a Fourier analysis...

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  • A motion-in-depth model based on inter-ocular velocity to estimate direction in depth.

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  • Altered white matter in early visual pathways of humans with amblyopia.

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