Sarothrin from Alkanna orientalis is an antimicrobial agent and efflux pump inhibitor.


:An Alkanna orientalis leaf and flower extract inhibited the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, a pathogen that causes an estimated 478 000 hospitalizations in the US annually. Bioassay-guided fractionation of A. orientalis resulted in isolation of the flavonoid sarothrin (5,7,4'-trihydroxy-3,6,8-trimethoxyflavone), which inhibited the growth of Mycobacterium smegmatis (MIC 75 µM) and S. aureus (MIC > 800 µM), and possessed efflux pump inhibitory activity. This is the first report of antimicrobial or efflux pump inhibitory activity of sarothrin, and of its presence in A. orientalis. Our findings suggest that the effectiveness of A. orientalis extracts is due to a combination of multiple constituents, including sarothrin.


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Bame JR,Graf TN,Junio HA,Bussey RO 3rd,Jarmusch SA,El-Elimat T,Falkinham JO 3rd,Oberlies NH,Cech RA,Cech NB




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    abstract::This study aimed to elucidate the mechanisms of nuciferine (a main aporphine alkaloid of lotus leaf extract), which can induce relaxation in contracted tracheal rings. Under Ca2+-free and 2 mM Ca2+ conditions, we found that nuciferine had no effect on the resting muscle tone of tracheal rings. In contrast, nuciferine ...

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