Distinguishable neurofunctional effects of task practice and item practice in picture naming: a BOLD fMRI study in healthy subjects.


:Practice of language tasks results in improved performance and BOLD signal changes. We distinguish changes correlated with repeated exposure to a picture naming task, from changes associated with naming specific items trained during practice. Task practice affected trained and untrained items, yielding left-sided BOLD deactivations in extrastriate, prefrontal and superior temporal areas (consistent with their putative role in perceptual priming, articulatory planning and phonological lexical retrieval, respectively). Item practice effects were restricted to trained words. There was deactivation in left posterior fusiform (supporting its role in accessing structural object representations), anterior cingulate and left insular/inferior frontal cortices (consistent with their role in processing low-frequency words). Central precuneus and posterior cingulate were hyperactivated (consistent with their putative role in episodic memory for trained items, probably due to functional connections with language areas). In healthy subjects, naming practice modifies stored linguistic representations, but mostly affects ease of access to trained words.


Brain Lang


Brain and language


Basso G,Magon S,Reggiani F,Capasso R,Monittola G,Yang FJ,Miceli G




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  • Selective impairment of grammatical morphology due to induced stress in normal listeners: implications for aphasia.

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  • Word length and vowel duration in apraxia of speech: the use of relative measures.

    abstract::Previous research has established that the duration of stressed word stem vowels is shorter in polysyllabic words than in monosyllabic words for normal speakers and for speakers with aphasia and apraxia of speech (AOS). However, the results are inconsistent across studies with regard to the magnitude and pattern of th...

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  • Word order and Broca's region: evidence for a supra-syntactic perspective.

    abstract::It has often been suggested that the role of Broca's region in sentence comprehension can be explained with reference to general cognitive mechanisms (e.g. working memory, cognitive control). However, the (language-related) basis for such proposals is often restricted to findings on English. Here, we argue that an ext...

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  • Developmental changes of association strength and categorical relatedness on semantic processing in the brain.

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