Engineering Yarrowia lipolytica for the production of cyclopropanated fatty acids.


:Traditional synthesis of biodiesel competes with food sources and has limitations with storage, particularly due to limited oxidative stability. Microbial synthesis of lipids provides a platform to produce renewable fuel with improved properties from various renewable carbon sources. Specifically, biodiesel properties can be improved through the introduction of a cyclopropane ring in place of a double bond. In this study, we demonstrate the production of C19 cyclopropanated fatty acids in the oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica through the heterologous expression of the Escherichia coli cyclopropane fatty acid synthase. Ultimately, we establish a strain capable of 3.03 ± 0.26 g/L C19 cyclopropanated fatty acid production in bioreactor fermentation where this functionalized lipid comprises over 32% of the total lipid pool. This study provides a demonstration of the flexibility of lipid metabolism in Y. lipolytica to produce specialized fatty acids.


Markham KA,Alper HS




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  • Use of (1)H NMR to study transport processes in porous biosystems.

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  • Biological deinking of inkjet-printed paper using Vibrio alginolyticus and its enzymes.

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    abstract::In the online published article, row value "pIB139-metK1-metK2" in table 1 has been processed incorrectly. The correct table is given below. ...

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  • Functional expression of a single-chain antibody fragment against human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) in Escherichia coli.

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  • Strain improvement for fermentation and biocatalysis processes by genetic engineering technology.

    abstract::Twenty years ago, the first complete gene cluster encoding the actinorhodin biosynthetic pathway was cloned and characterized. Subsequently, the gene clusters encoding the biosynthetic pathways for many antibiotics were isolated. In the past decade, breakthroughs in technology brought that generation of rationally des...

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  • Evolving enzyme technology for pharmaceutical applications: case studies.

    abstract::The case studies focus on two types of enzyme applications for pharmaceutical development. Demethylmacrocin O-methyltransferase, macrocin O-methyltransferase (both putatively rate-limiting) and tylosin reductase were purified from Streptomyces fradiae, characterized and the genes manipulated for increasing tylosin bio...

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