Effectiveness of Multistrain Versus Single-strain Probiotics: Current Status and Recommendations for the Future.


:Probiotics are investigated as single-strain and multistrain products. In the market, however, there is an increasing tendency to work with multistrain probiotics, in particular, products with a high number of different strains. There are some thoughts behind this: more strains imply more chances of success; it can mean a broader spectrum of efficacy, and there is often the hope that there are at least additive and, potentially, even synergistic effects. The present review did not find convincing evidence that these assumptions are valid. There is, however, also no strong evidence that the assumptions are incorrect and/or that there is antagonistic activity between strains in a combination. We suggest that, to answer these questions, structured research is conducted. Starting with a systematic review of meta-analyses that have compared single-strain and multistrain probiotic efficacy, dedicated human studies need to be performed, comparing single-strain and multistrain probiotics to each other and placebo. In vitro and animal studies can provide indications and may help understand mechanisms. For human, animal, and in vitro studies, it is recommended to work with the simple setup of 2 single strains, a 2-strain combination, and placebo. It is also important in such research to take into consideration the doses, as a combination product will have a higher total dose.


J Clin Gastroenterol


Ouwehand AC,Invernici MM,Furlaneto FAC,Messora MR




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52 Suppl 1, Proceedings from the 9th Probiotics, Prebiotics and New Foods, Nutraceuticals and Botanicals for Nutrition & Human and Microbiota Health Meeting, held in Rome, Italy from September 10 to 12, 2017


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  • The effect of chronic aspirin use on duodenal and gastric ulcer hospitalizations.

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  • High Rates of Mortality in Geriatric Patients Admitted for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Management.

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  • Constipation--a sign of a disease to be treated surgically, or a symptom to be deciphered as nonverbal communication?

    abstract::Constipation is not a sign but a symptom, which is not measurable scientifically. It has emotional components and must be dealt with in a holistic manner. The scientific approach aims only at the physiological derangement and serves to place the complaint in a more objective perspective. An algorithm can be constructe...

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  • Study of Gender Differences in Proton Pump Inhibitor Dose Requirements for GERD: A Double-Blind Randomized Trial.

    abstract:GOALS:To determine the proportion of patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease who are on proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) who could reduce their prior dosage by half, and identify predictors of successful step-down. BACKGROUND:Appropriate hypergastrinemia results from gastric acid inhibition. A gender difference in ...

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  • Brain-gut response to stress and cholinergic stimulation in irritable bowel syndrome. A preliminary study.

    abstract::To investigate the influence of the brain-gut interactions on the pathophysiology of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), we compared such patients (n = 10) with healthy control subjects (n = 11) by measuring the pressure of the colon and small intestine simultaneously with analysis of power spectrum of the electroencephal...

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