A limit on dose reduction possible with CT reconstruction algorithms without prior knowledge of the scan subject.


PURPOSE:To find an upper bound on the maximum dose reduction possible for any reconstruction algorithm, analytic or iterative, that result from the inclusion of the data statistics. The authors do not analyze noise reduction possible from prior knowledge or assumptions about the object. METHODS:The authors examined the task of estimating the density of a circular lesion in a cross section. Raw data were simulated by forward projection of existing images and numerical phantoms. To assess an upper bound on the achievable dose reduction by any algorithm, the authors assume that both the background and the shape of the lesion are completely known. Under these conditions, the best possible estimate of the density can be determined by solving a weighted least squares problem directly in the raw data domain. Any possible reconstruction algorithm that does not use prior knowledge or make assumptions about the object, including filtered backprojection (FBP) or iterative reconstruction methods with this constraint, must be no better than this least squares solution. The authors simulated 10,000 sets of noisy data and compared the variance in density from the least squares solution with those from FBP. Density was estimated from FBP images using either averaging within a ROI, or streak-adaptive averaging with better noise performance. RESULTS:The bound on the possible dose reduction depends on the degree to which the observer can read through the possibly streaky noise. For the described low contrast detection task with the signal shape and background known exactly, the average dose reduction possible compared to FBP with streak-adaptive averaging was 42% and it was 64% if only the ROI average is used with FBP. The exact amount of dose reduction also depends on the background anatomy, with statistically inhomogeneous backgrounds showing greater benefits. CONCLUSIONS:The dose reductions from new, statistical reconstruction methods can be bounded. Larger dose reductions in the density estimation task studied here are only possible with the introduction of prior knowledge, which can introduce bias.


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Medical physics


Hsieh SS,Chesler DA,Fleischmann D,Pelc NJ




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  • Accurate measurement of characteristic curves of II-TV digital systems by use of aluminum stepwedge technique.

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  • SU-E-I-108: Simple Approach to Determine Patient's Entrance Skin Exposure for Radiographic.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To evaluate a model which can predict patient's Entrance Skin Exposure (ESE) from height and weight and a single kVp mR/mAs measurement for radiographic. METHODS:Patient height, weight and post exposure mAs are obtained to assess ESE based on IAEA model. Patient's thickness is obtained by assuming a cylindrica...

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    abstract::Noise characterization through estimation of the noise power spectrum (NPS) is a central component of the evaluation of digital x-ray systems. We begin with a brief review of the fundamentals of NPS theory and measurement, derive explicit expressions for calculation of the one- and two-dimensional (1D and 2D) NPS, and...

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    abstract:PURPOSE:In the practice code of dosimetry, humidity effect is assumed to be constant as far as the measurements are performed in the relative humidity (RH) range of (20-80)%; thus, the humidity effect can be ignored with a dose uncertainty of 0.15%. This assumption is based on the previous experimental results by Niate...

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    abstract:PURPOSE:Although x-ray projection mammography has been very effective in early detection of breast cancer, its utility is reduced in the detection of small lesions that are occult or in dense breasts. One drawback is that the inherent superposition of parenchymal structures makes visualization of small lesions difficul...

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  • An automated procedure for the quality assurance of electron beam output and energy.

    abstract::In this article, we report on the development of a simple and accurate method for quality assurance of electron beam output and energy. Aluminum disks of thicknesses d(max) or d50 of the particular electron energy are positioned sequentially over a parallel-plate ion chamber and the ratio of the two signals is compare...

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  • Noise correlations in images acquired simultaneously with a dual-energy sandwich detector.

    abstract::An energy discriminating detector for dual-energy radiography can be configured as a two-layer sandwich, where the mean energy of photons detected by the two layers differs. To characterize the quantum noise of such a detector, the noise covariance between the two layers must be known in addition to the noise variance...

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  • Speckle contrast diffuse correlation tomography of complex turbid medium flow.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Developed herein is a three-dimensional (3D) flow contrast imaging system leveraging advancements in the extension of laser speckle contrast imaging theories to deep tissues along with our recently developed finite-element diffuse correlation tomography (DCT) reconstruction scheme. This technique, termed speckl...

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  • Penumbral measurements in water for high-energy x rays.

    abstract::Ionization chambers of varying inside diameter have been used to investigate the penumbral region of 60Co, 6-MV, and 31-MV x-ray beams. Measurements were made in water at varying depths up to 25 cm for a square field of side length 10 cm. The dependence of the penumbral widths on both the inside diameter of the ioniza...

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