Living Donor Liver Transplantation for Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis Type 1: Two Reported Cases.


BACKGROUND:Progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis type 1 (PFIC1) is an inherited disease characterized by cholestatic features. We report two patients with PFIC1 who underwent liver retransplantation. CASE REPORT:One patient was a 3-year-old female who underwent liver transplantation for PFIC1. She presented with severe diarrhea and fatty liver, and went into liver failure. She therefore underwent liver retransplantation and external biliary diversion 8 years after the initial liver transplantation. The explanted liver was histologically diagnosed with chronic rejection. Her intractable diarrhea stopped after the retransplantation. She was diagnosed with a fatty liver 8 months after the retransplantation and died 4 years after retransplantation due to bleeding from an ileostomy. The other patient was a 3-year-old male. This patient underwent liver retransplantation due to liver cirrhosis caused by steatohepatitis 9 years after the initial liver transplantation. The biliary tract was not diverted. He also experienced severe diarrhea after the retransplantation and requires home parenteral nutrition due to an eating disorder. CONCLUSIONS:Liver transplantation is the only treatment to resolve life-threatening issues due to PFIC1, but requires further improvement as a therapeutic modality.


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Oya Y,Sugawara Y,Honda M,Yoshii D,Isono K,Hayashida S,Yamamoto H,Inomata Y




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  • Calcineurin-free protocols with basiliximab induction allow patients included in "old to old" programs achieve standard kidney transplant function.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:The EuroTransplant "old to old" program establishes that patients older than 60 years can receive offers of organs from donors older than 60 years. The compromised function of these organs makes it a priority to preserve their initial kidney function. HYPOTHESIS:Calcineurin-sparing protocols using anti-IL...

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  • Vascularized anal autotransplantation model in rats: preliminary report.

    abstract::Ostomy has served as an effective surgery for various anorectal disfunctions. However, it must also be noted that those patients suffered greatly from stresses caused by their stoma. Many alternative therapies have been developed, but none have solved this critical issue. Meanwhile, due to the improvements in operativ...

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  • Disseminated nocardiosis: a rare infectious complication following non-heart-beating donor liver transplantation.

    abstract::Nocardiosis is an infrequent disease that affects patients who display a cellular immunodeficiency, such as transplant recipients on immunosuppressive treatment, but uncommonly associated with high morbidity and mortality rates. Disseminated Nocardiosis affecting the central nervous system (CNS), abdomen, skin, and lu...

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