Improved image-quality consistency in coronary CT angiography using a test-bolus-based individually tailored contrast medium injection protocol.


AIM:To develop and validate a test bolus (TB)-based quantitative model to create an individualised contrast medium injection protocol for use at coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) to improve patient-to-patient uniformity of intracoronary attenuation. MATERIALS AND METHODS:In the model-building phase, 175 patients who underwent CCTA using a traditional contrast medium injection protocol were recruited. A personalised injection equation was proposed according to the relationship between aortic enhancement and the haemodynamic parameters obtained from the TB. In the model-validation phase, a target aortic enhancement of 350 HU was set. Two hundred and fifteen additional CCTA examinations were performed using the proposed personalised injection model. Comparisons of inter-individual variability between the traditional and the proposed personalised injection protocol were performed. RESULTS:In the model-building phase, a high positive correlation between aortic enhancement and the haemodynamic parameters obtained from the TB was found. As a result, a personalised injection equation was determined using linear regression. In the model-validation phase, the average aortic enhancement was 350.5 HU, without significant differences from the preset level. Using the TB-based personalised injection protocol, inter-individual variability of aortic enhancement was significantly reduced (71.8 versus 38.9 HU, p<0.001) and patients who were scanned at 100 kVp had a reduction in the average contrast medium flow rate from 4.1 to 3.2 ml/s (p<0.001). CONCLUSIONS:The proposed TB-based injection protocol can achieve a desired preset and stable aortic enhancement.


Clin Radiol


Clinical radiology


Zhu X,Zhu Y,Liu W,Yang G,Su Z,Tang L,Xu Y




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  • CCNU in brain tumours.

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  • Abdominal fat assessed by computed tomography: sex difference in distribution.

    abstract::Abdominal fat distribution has been compared in 25 men and 25 women by computed tomography (CT) at the level of the umbilicus. Men have significantly more fat within the abdominal cavity. Women have similar total fat, but store a greater proportion of it in their subcutaneous tissues. For this reason, abdominal CT may...

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