Temporal and spatial distribution of Microcystis biomass and genotype in bloom areas of Lake Taihu.


:Cyanobacterial blooms as a global environmental issue are of public health concern. In this study, we investigated the spatial (10 sites) and temporal (June, August and October) variations in: 1) their biomass based on chlorophyll-a (chl-a) concentration, 2) their toxic genotype based on gene copy ratio of mcyJ to cpcBA, and 3) their cpcBA genotype composition of Microcystis during cyanobacterial bloom in Lake Taihu. While spatial-temporal variations were found in chl-a and mcyJ/cpcBA ratio, only spatial variation was observed in cpcBA genotype composition. Samples from northwestern part had a higher chl-a, but mcyJ/cpcBA ratio didn't vary among the sites. High chl-a was observed in August, while mcyJ/cpcBA ratio and genotypic richness increased with time. The spatial variations in chl-a and mcyJ/cpcBA ratio and temporal variation in cpcBA genotype were correlated negatively with dissolved N and positively with dissolved P. Spatial distribution of Microcystis biomass was positively correlated with nitrite and P excluding October, but no correlation was found for spatial distribution of mcyJ/cpcBA ratio and cpcBA genotype. Spatial distribution of toxic and cpcBA genotypes may result from horizontal transport of Microcystis colonies, while spatial variation in Microcystis biomass was probably controlled by both nutrient-mediated growth and horizontal transport of Microcystis. The temporal variation in Microcystis biomass, toxic genotype and cpcBA genotype composition were related to nutrient levels, but cause-and-effect relationships require further study.






Guan DX,Wang X,Xu H,Chen L,Li P,Ma LQ




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    abstract::Induction of phase I biotransformation enzymes is recognized as a hallmark response in fish exposed to coplanar PCBs. Depletions of vitamins A and E and disrupted thyroid hormone and glandular structure secondary to this induction have not yet been examined in an arctic fish species. Arctic grayling were exposed to a ...


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  • Identification of relevant micropollutants in Austrian municipal wastewater and their behaviour during wastewater treatment.

    abstract::The European Union has defined environmental quality standards (EQSs) for surface waters for priority substances and several other pollutants. Furthermore national EQSs for several chemicals are valid in Austria. The study investigated the occurrence of these compounds in municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) ef...


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  • Sorption of perfluorooctane sulfonate and perfluorooctanoate on activated sludge.

    abstract::Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) as one class of emerging pollutants have caused great attention in recent years. In this study, activated sludge was used to adsorb perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) in aqueous solution in order to investigate their sorption behavior and possible uptake mech...


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