The roles of radio-functional natural chemicals for the development of cancer radiation therapy.


:Ionizing radiation (IR) targeted at killing cancer cells also damages normal human cells and tissues through oxidative stress. Thus, the practical treatment of cancer using radiation therapy (RT) is sometimes limited because of the acute side effects in individual patients. In addition, some radioresistant cancers are difficult to treat with limited doses of IR, which leads to treatment failure. Natural chemicals that have unique physiological functions and low toxicity offer significant advantages for the development of new radiation therapies. Natural chemicals can counteract the oxidative damage caused by IR during RT because of their strong antioxidant ability. Certain natural chemicals can also serve as radiosensitizers that can enhance the cancer-killing effects. This review article discusses the main roles of radio-functional natural chemicals in the development of cancer RT.


Rev Environ Health


Jiang L,Iwahashi H




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2019-03-26 00:00:00














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