Quantifying proteins at microgram levels integrating gel electrophoresis and smartphone technology.


:A combination between gel electrophoresis and smartphone technology is applied for quantifying proteins in a serum sample. Electrophoresis not only allows one to separate different proteins but also to build-up a calibration curve for those proteins. To expand its applicability, a smartphone allows one to capture a gel image, through its camera. Additionally, the treatment of the data extracted through each protein band is performed using a freely available program (PhotoMetrix), which is downloaded to one's own smartphone. Through this approach, the quantification of proteins such as albumin, immunoglobulin, and carbonic anhydrase is performed in a serum sample by acquiring images using 32 × 32 pixels for each image in the region of the protein bands. An LOQ from 1.9 to 2.4 μg and r2 > 0.980 may be obtained. Comparing results through the analyses of the gels using Image Master 2D Platinum 6.0 software reflects good agreement (95% confidence level) between the results. SIGNIFICANCE STATEMENT: In many biological studies involving structural analysis or biophysical and biochemical characterization after purification process, or even in assays of protein:protein interaction, the estimation of protein quantity and protein purity is a fundamental step. However, even although many methodologies are proposed in the literature for quantifying proteins, they present some limitations, once are frequently expensive and require solution sample. In addition, they usually do not quantify the specific active concentration, but the total amount. Thus, it is necessary to develop an easy, fast and low-cost method that allows to quantify and to evaluate protein purity of reactional system, for example, a protein:protein interaction. In this way, we presented a simple strategy based on the integration of Smartphone technology and gel electrophoresis, where SDS-PAGE provides multiple information regarding the quality of the protein, such as the presence of degradation products, as well as if there was interaction reaction between proteins. Then, the smartphone detects the proteins in the SDS-PAGE gel, allowing to evaluate purity degree and the quantity, at microgram level, of the protein. We believe that the combination of these features may help to increase the productivity and accuracy of gel electrophoresis analysis, and the results obtained through a smartphone, easily achieved in our pockets.


J Proteomics


Journal of proteomics


de Jesus JR,Guimarães IC,Arruda MAZ




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    abstract::Myristic acid, the 14-carbon saturated fatty acid (C14:0), is associated to an increased cardiovascular disease risk. Since it is found in low concentration in cells, its specific properties have not been fully analyzed. The aim of this study was to explore the cell response to this fatty acid to help explaining clini...

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