Functional Prediction of Chronic Kidney Disease Susceptibility Gene PRKAG2 by Comprehensively Bioinformatics Analysis.


:The genetic predisposition to chronic kidney disease (CKD) has been widely evaluated especially using the genome-wide association studies, which highlighted some novel genetic susceptibility variants in many genes, and estimated glomerular filtration rate to diagnose and stage CKD. Of these variants, rs7805747 in PRKAG2 was identified to be significantly associated with both serum creatinine and CKD with genome wide significance level. Until now, the potential mechanism by which rs7805747 affects CKD risk is still unclear. Here, we performed a functional analysis of rs7805747 variant using multiple bioinformatics software and databases. Using RegulomeDB and HaploReg (version 4.1), rs7805747 was predicated to locate in enhancer histone marks (Liver, Duodenum Mucosa, Fetal Intestine Large, Fetal Intestine Small, and Right Ventricle tissues). Using GWAS analysis in PhenoScanner, we showed that rs7805747 is not only associated with CKD, but also is significantly associated with other diseases or phenotypes. Using metabolite analysis in PhenoScanner, rs7805747 is identified to be significantly associated with not only the serum creatinine, but also with other 16 metabolites. Using eQTL analysis in PhenoScanner, rs7805747 is identified to be significantly associated with gene expression in multiple human tissues and multiple genes including PRKAG2. The gene expression analysis of PRKAG2 using 53 tissues from GTEx RNA-Seq of 8555 samples (570 donors) in GTEx showed that PRKAG2 had the highest median expression in Heart-Atrial Appendage. Using the gene expression profiles in human CKD, we further identified different expression of PRKAG2 gene in CKD cases compared with control samples. In summary, our findings provide new insight into the underlying susceptibility of PRKAG2 gene to CKD.


Front Genet


Frontiers in genetics


Wang E,Zhao H,Zhao D,Li L,Du L




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2018-12-03 00:00:00








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