Factors Associated with HPV Vaccination Uptake and HPV-Associated Cancers: A County-Level Analysis in the State of Alabama.


:Despite availability of a safe, effective vaccination, uptake and completion rates of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination remain low in the United States. This is particularly true in the southeast, which also sees some of the highest rates of HPV-associated (HPVa) cancers. We aimed to identify areas in Alabama in need of intervention with respect to HPVa cancers and HPV vaccination, and factors potentially associated with these rates by performing county-level secondary data analysis using state and national data sources. Alabama ranks 15th nationally in HPVa cancer rates, with 66.7% and 80.8% of counties having higher HPVa cancer rates than the national incidences of males and females, respectively. Regarding HPV vaccination, 95.5% and 98.5% of Alabama's counties have uptake rates less than the national averages for males and females, respectively. The seven counties with the highest HPV vaccination uptake ranged in rates from 60.2 to 73.6%. Counties with the highest HPV vaccination rates for adolescents were majority African American with low adult educational attainment rates and high rates of poverty and publicly-insured children/adolescents. These counties were also located in Alabama's Black Belt region, traditionally known for low socioeconomics, reduced access to social services, and negative health outcomes. Some counties with the highest rates of HPVa cancers also had among the highest rates of HPV vaccination, indicating a potential association between perceived susceptibility and desire to get HPV vaccine in these communities, warranting further investigation. Future work is needed to translate these findings into actionable intervention practices to increase HPV vaccination.


J Community Health


Vickers M,Green CL,Lee HY,Pierce JY,Daniel CL




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