Chemical characterization, sources and potential health risk of PM2.5 and PM1 pollution across the Greater Athens Area.


:With the principal aim to assess the typical Mediterranean profile of the PM2.5 and PM1 pollution, three intensive monitoring campaigns took place simultaneously within different types of environment across an urban location of the basin. Focusing on the PM components with numerous anthropogenic sources and increased potential health risk, the samples were chemically analyzed for 20 p.m.-bound Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). Carbonaceous and ionic constituents were quantified as well. In order to uncover the spatiotemporal variation of the PM profile the key sources were identified, the seasonal effects and the role of the prevailing mesoscale atmospheric circulation were evaluated and most importantly the potential health risk was estimated. In general, the pollution status of the basin was the result of a complex interaction between the local and external input with Particulate Organic Matter (POM) and Secondary Inorganic Aerosols (SIA) being the main aerosols' components. PM1 was a better indicator of the anthropogenic emissions while according to the results of factor analysis the co-existence of various combustion sources was determinant. Chemically, the maxima of the ΣPAHs, the differentiation of their structure in accordance with their molecular weight and the distribution of the individual compounds confirmed the significance of the emission sources. Similarly, the estimated carcinogenicity/mutagenicity was emission-dependent with the maximum contribution coming from B[a]P, IndP, B[ghi]Per, B[e]P and B[b]F. Seasonally, the highest potential health risk of the PAHs' mixture was recorded during the cold season while meteorologically, it was mostly associated with the south flow.






Pateraki S,Asimakopoulos DN,Maggos T,Assimakopoulos VD,Bougiatioti A,Bairachtari K,Vasilakos C,Mihalopoulos N




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