Optimization of the steam explosion and enzymatic hydrolysis for sugars production from oak woods.


:Fermentable sugars production from three kind of steam-exploded oak wood was optimized by Response Surface Methodology (RSM), using the severity factor (R0), the pretreated total solids (TS%) and the enzyme loading (EL%) as variables of a central composite design. A total of 17 experiments for each biomass were carried out. The optimal conditions established with RSM were: severity, 4.46 for holm, 4.03 for turkey oak and 3.92 for downey oak; total solids, 5.4% for holm, 5.0% for turkey oak and 12.7% for downey oak; and enzyme concentration, 9.6% for holm, 15.0% for turkey oak and 15.0% for downey oak. Under these conditions, the model predicted an overall sugar yield of 67.1% for holm, 79.9% for turkey oak and 68.4% for downey oak. The results of the confirmation experiments under optimal conditions agreed well with model predictions. Oak wood species may be a good feedstock for the production of reducing sugars.


Bioresour Technol


Bioresource technology


Cotana F,Buratti C,Barbanera M,Lascaro E




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  • Low-energy biomass pretreatment with deep eutectic solvents for bio-butanol production.

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    abstract::The correct choice of the specific lignocellulosic biomass pretreatment allows obtaining high biomass conversions for biorefinery implementations and cellulosic bioethanol production from renewable resources. Cynara cardunculus (cardoon) pretreated by steam explosion (SE) was involved in second-generation bioethanol p...

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  • Biochemical diversity of the bacterial strains and their biopolymer producing capabilities in wastewater sludge.

    abstract::The biochemical characterization of 13 extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) producing bacterial strains were carried out by BIOLOG. The bacterial strains were cultured in sterilized sludge for EPS production. Flocculation and dewatering capabilities of produced EPS (broth, crude slime and capsular) were examined u...

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  • Sulfide and ammonium oxidation, acetate mineralization by denitrification in a multipurpose UASB reactor.

    abstract::The physiological and kinetic behavior of a denitrifying granular sludge exposed to different sulfide loading rates (55-295 mg/L d) were evaluated in a UASB reactor fed with acetate, ammonium and nitrate. At any sulfide loading rates, the consumption efficiencies of sulfide, acetate and ammonium were above 95%, while ...

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  • Biochar facilitated bioprocessing and biorefinery for productions of biofuel and chemicals: A review.

    abstract::Biochar is traditionally used to improve soil properties in arable land and as adsorbent or precursor of activated carbon in wastewater treatment. Recent advances have shown biochar potentials in enhancing productions of biofuels and chemicals such as bio-ethanol, butanol, methane, hydrogen, bio-diesel, hydrocarbons a...

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  • Degradation mechanism of Ibuprofen via a forward osmosis membrane bioreactor.

    abstract::Ibuprofen (IBU) is a non-steroidal drug that is classified as a trace organic compound (TrOC). A forward osmosis membrane bioreactor (FOMBR) has traditionally been a favored technology for wastewater treatment. In this study, the IBU degradation mechanism was clarified using an FOMBR. The results indicated that the av...

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