Calf Augmentation and Reshaping with Autologous Fat Grafting.


BACKGROUND:Despite multiple advantages of fat grafting for calf augmentation and re-shaping over traditional silicone calf implants, few reports have been published. OBJECTIVES:To report our technique and results with autologous fat grafting for calf augmentation and reshaping. METHODS:A retrospective review of the senior author's (JEV) experience with autologous fat grafting for calf augmentation was performed. Medial and lateral calf augmentation was accomplished with injection of prepared autologous lipoaspirate intramuscularly and subcutaneously. RESULTS:Over a 5-year period, 13 patients underwent calf augmentation and reshaping with the described technique. Ten cases were bilateral (77%), and 3 cases (23%) were performed for congenital leg discrepancies. Mean 157 cc of prepared lipoaspirate was transferred per leg, with roughly 60% and 40% transferred into the medial and lateral calf, respectively. Four patients (31%) underwent a second round of autologous fat injection for further calf augmentation because they desired more volume. At mean 19.6 month follow-up, durable augmentation and improvement in calf contour was documented by comparison of standardized preoperative and postoperative photographs. CONCLUSIONS:Autologous calf fat grafting is a viable alternative to traditional implant-based calf augmentation for congenital calf discrepancies and the aesthetic pseudo-varus deformity. This technique provides results comparable to those obtainable with traditional methods. LEVEL OF EVIDENCE 4: Therapeutic.


Aesthet Surg J


Mundinger GS,Vogel JE




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  • Deployment of the Ophthalmic and Facial Angiosomes in the Upper Nose Overlaying the Nasal Bones.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Nasal filler placement is associated with a high risk of blindness. The arterial supply to the upper nose overlaying the nasal bones is poorly understood. OBJECTIVES:This study attempts to visualize and analyze the deployment of the ophthalmic and facial angiosomes in the upper nose and help prevent blindne...

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    abstract::Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL)-a new category of anaplastic large cell lymphoma associated with textured breast implants-has a distinct variation in incidence and is especially rare in Asia. We report the first case of BIA-ALCL in Korea and present its histological and genetic char...

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  • Large area local anesthesia (LALA) in submuscular breast augmentation.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Large area local anesthesia (LALA) has been recommended for decreasing localized pain and shortening discharge time after breast augmentation surgery. However, quantifiable, objective outcome data for evaluation of the effectiveness of LALA in aesthetic plastic surgery procedures have not yet been reported. ...

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  • Benefits and Limitations of Macrotextured Breast Implants and Consensus Recommendations for Optimizing Their Effectiveness.

    abstract::Implant texture is an important factor influencing implant selection for breast augmentation. Natrelle Biocell implants are characterized by macrotextured shell surfaces containing irregularly arranged concavities with large open-pore diameters and depths. These properties facilitate adhesion of the implant to the sur...

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  • Primary rhinoplasty.

    abstract::Rhinoplasty is generally considered to be one of the most challenging, complex, and exciting of all the plastic surgery procedures. In this article, the authors discuss key concepts related to patient evaluation and analysis, as well as techniques and maneuvers that reliably lead to favorable long-term results in rhin...

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