Ongoing progress on novel nanocomposite membranes for the separation of heavy metals from contaminated water.


:Membranes, as the primary separation element of membrane-based processes, have greatly attracted the attention of researchers in several water treatment applications, including wastewater treatment, water purification, water disinfection, toxic and non-toxic chemical molecules, heavy metals, among others. Today, the removal of heavy metals from water has become challenging, in which chemical engineers are approaching new materials in membrane technologies. Therefore, the current review elucidates the progress of using different concepts of membranes and potential novel materials for such separations, identifying that polymeric membranes can exhibit a removal efficiency from 77 up to 99%; while novel nanocomposite membranes are able to offer complete removal of heavy metals (up to 100%), together with unprecedented permeation rates (from 80 up to 1, 300 L m-2 h-1). Thereby, the review also addresses the highlighted literature survey of using polymeric and nanocomposite membranes for heavy metal removal, highlighting the relevant insights and denoted metal uptake mechanisms. Moreover, it gives up-to-date information related to those novel nanocomposite materials and their contribution to heavy metals separation. Finally, the concluding remarks, future perspectives, and strategies for new researchers in the field are given according to the recent findings of this comprehensive review.






Castro-Muñoz R,González-Melgoza LL,García-Depraect O




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2020-12-28 00:00:00












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  • Sedimentary records of metal speciation in the Yangtze Estuary: role of hydrological events.

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  • Identification of relevant micropollutants in Austrian municipal wastewater and their behaviour during wastewater treatment.

    abstract::The European Union has defined environmental quality standards (EQSs) for surface waters for priority substances and several other pollutants. Furthermore national EQSs for several chemicals are valid in Austria. The study investigated the occurrence of these compounds in municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) ef...


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