Pigmented purpuric dermatosis in an infant.


:Pigmented purpuric dermatoses (PPDs) are a group of idiopathic, chronic, and self-resolving conditions easily recognizable in adults but extremely uncommon in infants. We present the youngest patient with PPD reported to date.


Pediatr Dermatol


Pediatric dermatology


Martos-Cabrera L,López-Balboa P,Ramírez-Lluch M,Colmenero I,Mateos-Mayo A,Torrelo A,Hernández-Martin Á




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  • Severe dyshidrotic eczema after intravenous immunoglobulin therapy for Kawasaki syndrome.

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  • CLOVE syndrome with nevus unis lateris: report of a case.

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  • Hidradenitis suppurativa (acne inversa): management of a recalcitrant disease.

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  • Nevus trichilemmocysticus: report of a new case of a recently recognized entity.

    abstract::A new type of organoid epidermal nevus, characterized by the presence of multiple trichilemmal cysts disposed in a linear arrangement, was recently recognized and named nevus trichilemmocysticus. We report a 10-year-old girl with a congenital linear dermatosis affecting the head, neck, trunk, limbs, palms, and soles. ...

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  • A prospective survey of pediatric dermatology clinic patients in Kuwait: an analysis of 10,000 cases.

    abstract::Skin diseases are common in children. However, only a very few prospective epidemiologic surveys are available in the literature. The present survey was directed at determining the spectrum and pattern of skin diseases of children in Kuwait. A total of 10,000 consecutive new patients were studied; 96% were children of...

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  • Diffuse normolipemic plane xanthoma in a 9-year-old boy.

    abstract::Normolipemic plane xanthoma normally occurs in adults. We report the atypical instance of a 9-year-old boy who developed disseminated, flat, yellow-brown plaques up to 2 to 3 cm without any complaints. The histology showed the hallmarks of xanthoma, including the presence of CD68+ foam cells and Touton giant cells. No...

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  • Van der Woude syndrome. A case report.

    abstract::We describe several members of a family with Van der Woude syndrome, a genetic and congenital malformation syndrome with autosomal dominant inheritance and 70% to 80% penetrance with variable expressivity. It is characterized by clinical signs localized to the face, such as bilateral or unilateral pits on conical elev...

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  • Anti-Ku antibody-positive systemic sclerosis-polymyositis overlap syndrome in an adolescent.

    abstract::Systemic sclerosis-polymyositis overlap syndrome is rare in children. Anti-PM/Scl is the most common autoantibody associated with this syndrome. We present a case of systemic sclerosis-polymyositis overlap syndrome in a child with isolated anti-Ku antibodies, an uncommon antibody associated with this rare syndrome. ...

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  • Unnecessary milk elimination diets in children with atopic dermatitis.

    abstract::Milk elimination diets are frequently adopted in the treatment of atopic dermatitis, although the real prevalence of clinically relevant food allergy remains unclear and reports from different authors are often in disagreement. We investigated the percentage of children allergic to cow's milk compared with the rate of...

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  • Fibroadipose vascular anomaly treated with sirolimus: Successful outcome in two patients.

    abstract::Fibroadipose vascular anomaly (FAVA) is a rare, complex mesenchymal malformation combining fibrofatty replacement of the affected muscles and slow-flow vascular malformation. The condition is characterized by localized swelling, severe pain, phlebectasia, and contracture of the affected limb. Treatment paradigms are n...

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    authors: Erickson J,McAuliffe W,Blennerhassett L,Halbert A

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  • Giant condyloma acuminatum in an infant.

    abstract::We report a 10-month-old boy who presented with a giant perianal condyloma acuminatum, and a similar lesion on the neck. These lesions were treated by surgical excision with satisfactory results. This size, extent, and early age of appearance make this case highly unusual. ...

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    authors: Tinsa F,Gharbi A,Essid A,Driss M,Bousnina S

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  • Isolated benign primary cutaneous plasmacytosis in a child.

    abstract::Isolated benign primary cutaneous plasmacytosis in a child is a very rare and benign disease. Herein we present a case of this condition occurring in a child who showed good response to topical corticosteroid. ...

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  • Epidermal nevus syndromes: New insights into whorls and swirls.

    abstract::Knowledge of the molecular underpinnings of many epidermal nevi and epidermal nevus syndrome has expanded rapidly in recent years. In this review and update on epidermal nevus syndrome, we will cover recent genetic discoveries involving epidermal nevi, including nevus sebaceus, keratinocytic epidermal nevus, nevus com...

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  • Ischemic ulcers of the toes secondary to Raynaud's phenomenon in a child successfully treated with botulinum toxin.

    abstract::Raynaud's phenomenon (RP) is an episodic vasospastic response to cold or emotional stress causing color changes and pain. These attacks can lead to digital ischemia, ulcers, and gangrene. Severe and refractory RP in children is a therapeutic challenge for clinicians because there are no standardized treatment protocol...

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    authors: Quintana Castanedo L,Feito Rodríguez M,Maseda Pedrero R,Chiloeches Fernández C,de Lucas Laguna R

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  • Tissue-engineered skin in the healing of wound stumps from limb amputations secondary to purpura fulminans.

    abstract::Currently wound treatment options of amputation stumps due to purpura fulminans include healing by secondary intention from wound debridement, split-thickness skin grafting, tissue and muscle flaps, plantar skin free transfer, skin expansion, artificial skin, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We saw a 6-month-old girl wi...

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    authors: Greenberg JE,Falabella AF,Bello YM,Schachner LA

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  • Two cases of isolated anterior cervical hypertrichosis.

    abstract::Two unrelated Hispanic females, ages 4 and 3 years, respectively, each presented with a solitary patch of excessive terminal hair growth in the midline of the neck. This rare form of congenital localized hypertrichosis, known as anterior cervical hypertrichosis, is reported here as an isolated defect with no other und...

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    authors: Reddy S 4th,Antaya RJ

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  • Congenital midline cervical cleft: case report and review of the English language literature.

    abstract::Congenital midline cervical cleft is a rare anomaly of the ventral neck that heretofore has not been reported in the dermatology literature. We present a case of a midline cervical cleft that was diagnosed and managed at an early age. We also review the literature and discuss its clinical and histologic features, trea...

    journal_title:Pediatric dermatology

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    authors: Eastlack JP,Howard RM,Frieden IJ

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  • Ulerythema ophryogenes in Cornelia de Lange syndrome.

    abstract::A 17-year-old woman with Cornelia de Lange syndrome had asymptomatic skin lesions since the age of 4 years. These were multiple, follicular, horny papules, present on both cheeks, and surrounded by erythematous skin. Similar lesions were present on the external aspect of the arms, but amidst skin of normal coloration....

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    authors: Flórez A,Fernández-Redondo V,Toribio J

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  • Psoriasis first presenting around an enteral feeding tube in three pediatric patients: an important consideration for timely diagnosis and management.

    abstract::Pediatric dermatologists may care for patients with percutaneous enteral feeding tubes. Although ostomy complications such as allergic contact and irritant dermatitis are common, psoriasis may be misdiagnosed. We report three novel cases of childhood psoriasis first presenting around an enteral feeding tube site. Loca...

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    authors: Zitelli KB,Lucky AW

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  • Perforating folliculitis in a patient with cystic fibrosis.

    abstract::We report a case of a young man with perforating folliculitis and cystic fibrosis with complications including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, and liver cirrhosis. We demonstrate increased TGF-β1 immunohistochemical staining in the perforating folliculitis lesions of our pat...

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    authors: Tuttle MS,Kwon EJ,Tamburro J,Honda K

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  • Clinical resolution of a neonatally eroded giant congenital melanocytic nevus.

    abstract::We report an unusual occurrence of spontaneous pigmentary regression with a desmoplastic reaction in a neonatally eroded giant congenital melanocytic nevus. This process has been documented with photographs and skin biopsy specimens. Neonatal histology demonstrated connective tissue proliferation. Histology at age 5 y...

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    authors: Gass JK,Grant JW,Hall PN,Atherton DJ,Burrows NP

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  • Treating protruding infantile hemangiomas with topical imiquimod 5% cream caused severe local reactions and disfiguring scars.

    abstract::Infantile hemangiomas (IHs) are the most common tumors of infancy. Imiquimod, an immune-response modifier, has been proven effective and safe in the treatment of superficial and mixed hemangiomas, but severe local reactions caused by imiquimod have been reported sporadically. To evaluate the safety of imiquimod 5% cre...

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    authors: Qiu Y,Ma G,Lin X,Jin Y,Chen H,Hu X

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  • Varied Presentations of Pediatric Lipoblastoma: Case Series and Review of the Literature.

    abstract::Lipoblastoma is a rare neoplasm of embryonal adipose tissue most often encountered on the trunk and extremities of children. It commonly presents as a painless subcutaneous soft tissue mass, but there are other unique clinical presentations that are important to recognize. The differential is broad and includes sarcom...

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    authors: Shen LY,Amin SM,Chamlin SL,Mancini AJ

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  • S100-protein-containing dendritic cells in fetal and newborn epidermis and thymus.

    abstract::Skin and thymus were obtained from abortuses of varying ages and from neonatal autopsies to determine if S100-protein-containing dendritic cells were present. Using an unlabeled antibody peroxidase-antiperoxidase method, we could not detect these dendritic cells in epidermis prior to live birth, but did detect them at...

    journal_title:Pediatric dermatology

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    authors: Penneys NS,Kott-Blumenkranz R,Buck BE,Nadji M,Gould E,Ibe M

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  • The benefits of sunflower oleodistillate (SOD) in pediatric dermatology.

    abstract::For millennia, sunflower seed oil has been used in folk medicine for both skin care and the treatment of skin disorders. In its natural state, the oil contains high levels of essential fatty acids, particularly linoleic acid, which has skin barrier-enhancing properties. A sunflower oleodistillate (SOD), which is produ...

    journal_title:Pediatric dermatology

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    authors: Eichenfield LF,McCollum A,Msika P

    更新日期:2009-11-01 00:00:00

  • Colchicine may be of therapeutic benefit in prurigo pigmentosa.

    abstract::Prurigo pigmentosa (PP) is a rare inflammatory skin disease. Neutrophil-mediated inflammation is considered to be responsible for the etiopathogenesis of PP. We consider that colchicine may be an effective agent in the treatment of PP since it exerts an antiinflammatory effect by inhibiting neutrophil chemotaxis. Furt...

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    authors: An I,Ucmak D,Ibiloglu I,Demir V,Akdeniz S

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