Dynamics of disinfection of selected preservatives against Escherichia coli.


:Mathematical models were determined relating preservative concentration and D values (decimal reduction times at 25 degrees C; pH 6.9-7.1) against Escherichia coli in aqueous medium. Preservatives investigated were 2-bromo-2-nitro-1,3-propanediol (Bronopol), N-(hydroxymethyl)-N-(1,3-dihydroxymethyl-2, 5-dioxo-4-imidazolidinyl)-N'-(hydroxymethyl)urea (Germall II), phenethyl alcohol, and benzyl alcohol. Linear regression was used to determine D values [i.e., the time required for a particular concentration of preservative at a specified pH, temperature, and medium to cause a 90% reduction of viable organisms (E. coli)] from a number of concentrations of each preservative. Linear regression of the log D values versus the log of the concentration (a minimum of 4 concentrations per preservative) were used to derive power curves. Concentration exponents, eta values (the logarithmic values relating changes in rates of kill for specified changes in concentrations) and A values (extrapolated D values at 1% concentration), were determined. Correlation coefficients for these power fits ranged from -0.987 to -0.999. Plots depicting the closeness of fit of the models to the actual data are shown.


J Pharm Sci


Hurwitz SJ,McCarthy TJ




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1985-08-01 00:00:00














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  • Effect of inorganic additives on solutions of nonionic surfactants III: CMC's and surface properties.

    abstract::Continuing work on the interaction of inorganic additives with nonionic surfactants in aqueous solution dealt with their effect on the CMC and surface tension. The surfactants were octoxynol and polyoxyethylated oleyl alcohol, containing an average of 9.5 and 10 ethylene oxide units, respectively. Their CMC values wer...

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