Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in the management of pancreatitis pain.


:The application of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to the abdomen produced prompt and sustained relief of the pain associated with pancreatitis in five patients and in another patient with probable acute pancreatitis. The disorder was acute in two patients and recurrent in four. Multiple hospitalizations, including the need for analgesics and opiates, had been required during previous attacks in five patients. In view of the simple and noninvasive nature of such treatment, more extensive clinical trials appear to be warranted. Some of the possible mechanisms of action for TENS analgesia are reviewed.


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  • New strategies for improving heart failure management: a primary care perspective.

    abstract::Most patients with heart failure today are treated by primary care practitioners, not cardiologists. The Consensus Recommendations for the Management of Chronic Heart Failure, developed by the Advisory Council to Improve Outcomes Nationwide in Heart Failure, provide practice guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis, a...

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  • High Percentage of Evanescent Red Cell Antibodies in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease Highlights Need for a National Antibody Database.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Alloantibody formation secondary to transfusion in patients with sickle cell disease (SCD) is a well-known phenomenon. Pretransfusion testing (eg, "antibody screening") protects patients from receiving incompatible red blood cell transfusions. Because alloantibodies have a tendency to evanesce (ie, become un...

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  • Reversal of Urinary tract diversion after recovery from hysterical conversion reaction.

    abstract::We have described a case in which the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis with findings of progressive paraplegia and a neurogenic bladder led to supravesical urinary diversion. Pyocystis led to creation of a urethrovesicovaginal fistula. Psychotherapy later uncovered hysterical conversion reaction. Which was cured with h...

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    authors: Frentz GD,Wilcox ME,Epstein AW

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  • Duodenal obstruction in thyroid storm.

    abstract::A 35-year-old, previously healthy woman, known to be thyrotoxic, was transferred from a community hospital for "acute abdomen." Abdominal pain, distention, and hyperemesis resolved with placement of nasogastric tube (NGT) and return of 2,600 mL of bilious fluid. Continued high NGT output made oral or NGT administratio...

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  • Life-threatening complications of empiric ceftriaxone therapy for 'seronegative Lyme disease'.

    abstract::Lyme disease, now the most common tick-borne illness in the United States, has recently received much media attention, due in part to its potentially serious sequelae in untreated patients. Because a rare patient with late illness may lack antibodies to the etiologic agent, Borrelia burgdorferi, physicians may be temp...

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  • Traumatic esophageal rupture: unusual cause of acute mediastinal widening.

    abstract::We have presented the case of a 32-year-old man who sustained blunt trauma to the chest in a motor vehicle accident. Plain roentgenograms showed a widened mediastinum and pneumomediastinum, and an esophagogram with water-soluble contrast material showed an esophageal laceration at the T-4 level. ...

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  • Cobalamin pseudodeficiency due to a transcobalamin I deficiency.

    abstract::Cobalamin (vitamin B12) deficiency warrants appropriate evaluation because cobalamin is necessary in certain biochemical functions. R-binder deficiency, which causes low cobalamin levels, is a rare and benign pseudodeficiency. If not further evaluated by determining levels of methylmalonic acid and homocysteine, howev...

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    authors: Adcock BB,McKnight JT

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  • Sigmoid volvulus in childhood.

    abstract::Although it is common in the adult population, sigmoid volvulus is unusual in childhood. We report the cases of four children treated for sigmoid volvulus, and we review an additional 44 cases. The mean age of occurrence was 8 years. Predisposing factors were present in 33%. Abdominal pain (66%), vomiting (31%), and o...

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    authors: Smith SD,Golladay ES,Wagner C,Seibert JJ

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  • Near fatal acute respiratory distress syndrome in a patient with human ehrlichiosis.

    abstract::Human ehrlichiosis is not a common cause of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Physicians should be aware of this life-threatening but treatable entity. Progression to ARDS may be related to delay in diagnosis and treatment. Fever, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, and a history of tick exposure in an endemic are...

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    authors: Patel RG,Byrd MA

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  • Comparison of the use and accuracy of methods for determining pleural fluid pH.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The blood gas analyzer (BGA) has been considered the "gold standard" for pleural fluid pH determination. METHODS:We report the various methods used to measure pleural fluid pH by 277 acute care institutions who responded to a mailed questionnaire. The techniques used included the BGA (32%), dip stick or pH ...

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    authors: Chandler TM,McCoskey EH,Byrd RP Jr,Roy TM

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  • Treating diseases, not patients.

    abstract::Highly trained medical specialists now possess a vast array of sophisticated technical apparatus with which to fight diseases. These tools, coupled with a growing emphasis on cost accounting and a medical paradigm emphasizing facts and depicting the human body as a machine, depersonalize health care by militating agai...

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    authors: Thompson LM

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  • Nodular fasciitis.

    abstract::Nodular fasciitis is a benign proliferation of fibroblasts and myofibroblasts in the subcutaneous tissues. The lesions are generally small and solitary, arising commonly in the upper extremities of adults and in the head and neck region of infants and children. A history of trauma may precede these reactive lesions, b...

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    authors: Zuber TJ,Finley JL

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  • Adrenal incidentalomas: adrenal hemangioma in a patient with congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

    abstract::We describe a case of an adrenal incidentalomas in the setting of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) due to 21-hydroxylase deficiency. The adrenal mass was shown to be a cavernous hemangioma. Such neoplasms are rare but have the risk of retroperitoneal hemorrhage and may be difficult to differentiate from malignant ...

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    authors: Pignatelli D,Vendeira P,Cabral AC

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  • Religion, aging, and health: exploring new frontiers in medical care.

    abstract::The purpose of this review article is to selectively examine research that was designed to evaluate the relation between religious involvement and health among older people. Four facets of religion are examined in detail: church-based social support, religious coping, forgiveness, and prayer. In addition, potential ne...

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    authors: Krause N

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  • Hospital Annual Delivery Volume and Presence of Graduate Medical Education Influence Mode of Delivery after Stillbirth.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To evaluate the statewide experience in mode of delivery for pregnancies complicated by stillbirth by annual delivery volume and presence of graduate medical education programs. METHODS:This is a descriptive study of all stillbirths without known congenital anomalies or aneuploidy born in our state from Jul...

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    authors: Ramseyer AM,Whittington JR,Magann EF,Warford B,Ounpraseuth S,Nembhard WN

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  • Knee flexion contractures in myelodysplasia.

    abstract::From 1976 to 1982, 12 children with myelodysplasia had surgery at our institution for knee flexion contractures (21 affected knees). Follow-up was a minimum of 18 months and averaged 47 months. Soft tissue lengthening of the hamstring tendons and release of the posterior capsule with or without femoral osteotomy yield...

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  • Fate of retained foreign bodies in the peritoneal cavity.

    abstract::Two patients with retained laparotomy pads after laparotomy had pain, abscess formation, and bleeding, with erosion of the pad into the small bowel and colon. ...

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  • Relationship between frequency of sexual intercourse and urinary tract infections in young women.

    abstract::We compared personal and sexual behavior of a group of 32 young adult women who had a culture proven urinary tract infection (UTI) and a group of 28 women who had no urinary symptoms. All women were sexually active, and the two groups were similar for age, race, marital status, history of previous pregnancy, and use o...

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  • Hepatobiliary tuberculosis: a review of presentations and outcomes.

    abstract::Hepatobiliary tuberculosis (HTB) is uncommon and can be difficult to diagnose. We present our experience with HTB (over a 10-year period). Fourteen patients were identified from a total of 1888 cases of tuberculosis (TB) infection during this period. Five patients had isolated organ involvement [hepatic (n=3) and bili...

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  • Paraurethral cysts in the newborn.

    abstract::I have reported three case of paraurethral cysts in female neonates. These are uncommon lesions, and urologic evaluation is required to differentiate them from ectopic ureteroceles, urethral diverticula, or paraurethral tumors. Histologic appearance of the cyst epithelium identifies the embryologic origin. The cysts e...

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  • Topical TAC (tetracaine, adrenaline, cocaine) solution for local anesthesia in children: prescribing inconsistency and acute toxicity.

    abstract::The topical anesthetic solution TAC (tetracaine, adrenaline, cocaine) has gained widespread acceptance as the preferred local anesthetic for repairing skin lacerations in children. Despite this popularity, there are no universally accepted guidelines for its application. We report the case of a 6-month-old infant who ...

    journal_title:Southern medical journal

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    authors: Tipton GA,DeWitt GW,Eisenstein SJ

    更新日期:1989-11-01 00:00:00

  • Classic migraine with cerebral cortical infarction causing permanent hemianopia.

    abstract::A patient with typical classic migraine, including clear-cut visual auras, who had been followed up clinically for more than 15 years developed permanent right homonymous hemianopia. The underlying cause of this clinical syndrome was established by computerized axial tomography as vascular infarction or ischemia, invo...

    journal_title:Southern medical journal

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Moorehead MT 2nd,Movius HJ,Moorehead JR,Jackson MH,Jackson JG

    更新日期:1979-07-01 00:00:00

  • Aplastic crisis in occult hereditary spherocytosis caused by human parvovirus (HPV B19).

    abstract::We have reported a case of aplastic crisis occurring in an 11-year-old black boy with occult hereditary spherocytosis. An etiologic diagnosis of human parvovirus (HPV) B19 infection was confirmed serologically. The Coulter Model S + IV proved useful for both diagnosis and treatment monitoring through serial histograms...

    journal_title:Southern medical journal

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    authors: Rappaport ES,Quick G,Ransom D,Helbert B,Frankel LS

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  • Beneficial effect of epidural anesthesia on oxygen consumption in a parturient with adult respiratory distress syndrome.

    abstract::Multifactorial increases in oxygen consumption during labor may exceed available oxygen supply. Cumulative subclinical oxygen debt could be clinically detrimental to both patient and fetus. We have reported the use of continuous mixed venous oxygen saturation monitoring to identify changes in oxygen consumption after ...

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    authors: Ackerman WE 3rd,Molnar JM,Juneja MM

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  • Awareness and Knowledge Among Internal Medicine Resident Trainees for Dose Adjustment of Analgesics and Neuropsychotropic Medications in CKD.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Errors in drug dosing lead to poor patient outcomes and are common in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Because the majority of patients with CKD are being treated by physicians specializing in internal medicine, we studied the awareness and knowledge that internal medicine resident trainees (IMRTs...

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    authors: Saad CY,Fogel J,Rubinstein S

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  • Austere, remote, and disaster medicine missions: an operational mnemonic can help organize a deployment.

    abstract::Medical care in resource-limited environments (austere settings) can occur in the context of a disaster, wilderness, or a tactical field operation. Regardless of the type of environment, there are common organizational themes in most successful humanitarian missions that occur in harsh natural or manmade environmental...

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    authors: Macias DJ,Williams J

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  • Necrotic arachnidism.

    abstract::Ten bites by Loxosceles reclusa, the North American brown recluse spider, are reported from South Carolina. Envenomation by the brown recluse spider is becoming a public health problem in the United States. The spider reportedly now is found from coast to coast in the southern half of the country and its range is prob...

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    authors: Majeski JA,Durst GG Sr

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  • Outpatient meniscectomy of the knee.

    abstract::This paper reviews 218 patients who had outpatient meniscectomy at the University of Virginia between January 1974 and June 1977. Only one patient (0.46%) returned before his scheduled visit. Three patients (1.4%) had superficial wound infections. One (0.46%) had a pulmonary embolus several weeks postoperatively. Twel...

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    authors: McCue FC 3rd,Goldner RD,Baugher WH,Edwards JR

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  • Complete jejunoileal necrosis due to torsion of the superior mesenteric artery.

    abstract::We have reported a case of small-bowel volvulus in which complete jejunoileal necrosis resulted from torsion of the superior mesenteric artery. This case was unusual not only because of the extent of necrosis but also because primary small-bowel volvulus is rare in adults. Despite nearly total small-bowel resection, t...

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    authors: Rubio PA,Galloway RE

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  • Confronting the problem of increasing antibiotic resistance.

    abstract::Significant increases in prevalence of resistance to antibiotics have been observed in common pathogens of humans in the United States and worldwide. The consequences of the appearance and spread of antibiotic resistance have included increasing morbidity, mortality, and cost of health care. The fundamental cause for ...

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