Quantitative competitive PCR with bronchoalveolar lavage fluid for diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in AIDS patients.


:Of 121 AIDS patients, 12 (10%) had Toxoplasma gondii DNA detected by competitive PCR in their bronchoalveolar lavage samples. Quantitation of the PCR results showed a correlation between the parasite burden and the serum lactic dehydrogenase titer. Quantitative competitive PCR could be useful to assess the diagnosis and the severity of pulmonary toxoplasmosis.


J Clin Microbiol


Bretagne S,Costa JM,Fleury-Feith J,Poron F,Dubreuil-Lemaire ML,Vidaud M




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1995-06-01 00:00:00












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    abstract::Yersinia pseudotuberculosis produces novel superantigenic toxins designated YPMa (Y. pseudotuberculosis-derived mitogen), YPMb, and YPMc and has a pathogenicity island termed HPI (high-pathogenicity island) and R-HPI (the right-hand part of the HPI with truncation in its left-hand part) on the chromosome. Analysis of ...

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    abstract::Hybridomas secreting specific monoclonal antibodies (MAb) to all members of the genus Leptospira (clone LF9) and those that are specific only to the pathogenic species (clones LD5 and LE1) were produced. MAb LF9, which was immunoglobulin G1 (IgG1), reacted to a 38-kDa component of the sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacryla...

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