L-arginine: nitric oxide pathway in endotoxemia and human septic shock.


OBJECTIVE:To investigate the relationship between nitric oxide production, endotoxemia, and hemodynamic alterations in human septic shock. DESIGN:Prospective study. SETTING:A 32-bed intensive care unit in a university referral hospital. PATIENTS:Two groups of septic patients with shock (n = 13) or without shock (n = 16) and an additional group of nonseptic patients as control group (n = 25). MEASUREMENTS:Plasma nitrite and nitrate concentrations were measured as an index of nitric oxide generation. Nitrite and nitrate concentrations were correlated with plasma endotoxin and hemodynamic variables. MAIN RESULTS:Increased plasma nitrite and nitrate concentrations were found in patients with septic shock (p < .01). Nitrite and nitrate correlated directly with endotoxin concentration (r2 = .21, p < .05) and cardiac output (r2 = .49, p < .05), and inversely with systolic blood pressure (r2 = .24, p < .01). CONCLUSIONS:This study demonstrated the activation of the L-arginine:nitric oxide pathway in human endotoxemic septic shock, suggesting that nitric oxide may be an important mediator of the hemodynamic disturbances in this pathophysiologic situation.


Crit Care Med


Critical care medicine


Gómez-Jiménez J,Salgado A,Mourelle M,Martín MC,Segura RM,Peracaula R,Moncada S




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  • Resuscitation from experimental heatstroke by hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Heatstroke is characterized by hyperthermia, vasoplegic shock, and cerebral ischemia and hypoxia. Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) has been shown to reduce brain ischemia and behavioral dysfunction during cerebral artery occlusion. The efficacy of HBO therapy for resuscitation from heatstroke remains to be determined ...

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  • Cost accounting of adult intensive care: methods and human and capital inputs.

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