Possible changes in luminal surface charge densities of small intestine membrane in the 4-7.4 pH range exhibit varied influence on the absorption rate constants of the ionized and un-ionized species of sulfadiazine in rats.


:The overall apparent first-order rate constants (Kab) of small intestinal absorption of sulfadiazine were determined in rats in situ at various pHs (4.01-7.42) of the recirculation fluids at 32 degrees. The purpose of the study was to verify our hypothesis that the rate-determining step for the absorption of sulfonamides involves the formation of an "activated complex" consisting of a transient association of the sulfonamide molecules with the surface protein of the microvillus membrane. The Kab versus Fu (where Fu is the fraction of un-ionized sulfadiazine at a given pH) profile prepared according to the equation Kab = Ki+Fu(Ku-Ki), where Ki and Ku are the first-order rate constants of absorption of the ionized and un-ionized species, respectively, was clearly resolvable into two linear segments: one based on the data in the 4.01-6.43 pH range and the other based on the data in the 6.43-7.42 pH range. In view of the fact that the combined molar concentration of aspartic acid and glutamic acid in the microvillus membrane protein is about twice that of arginine and lysine, the resolution of the data into two linear segments suggested that the negative charge density of the microvillus surface membrane protein in the 6.43-7.42 pH range is greater than that in the 4.01-6.43 pH range. The Ku and Ki values of sulfadiazine were determined in each pH range. It was noted that Ku was greater than Ki in each pH range, and that Ki in the 4.01-6.43 pH range was greater than that in the 6.43-7.42 pH range.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)


J Pharm Sci


Chow SL,Nagwekar JB




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1994-02-01 00:00:00














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