Does glycosylation of lysosomal proteins show age-related changes in rat liver?


:We studied the pattern of lectins binding by liver lysosomal proteins from rats between 18 days of gestation and 72 weeks of age. An analysis of the carbohydrate structure was carried out after an electrophoresis and blotting, followed by a very sensitive detection system with highly specific digoxigenin-labelled lectins. The only age-related differences were observed in the reaction with sialic acid--(MAA; Macckia amurensis, SNA; Sambucus nigra) and fucose--(AAA; Aleuria aurantia) specific lectins. Sialylation increased and fucosylation decreased with age. We also observed a specific reaction with Galanthus nivalis (GNA), Phaseolus vulgaris (PHA-L) and peanut agglutinin (PNA), without any significant changes with age.


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Lityńska A,Przybyło M




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  • Slowing down aging of cultured embryonal chick chondrocytes by maintenance under lowered oxygen tension.

    abstract::Cultured epiphyseal-chondrocytes from embryonic chick may serve as a useful in vitro model to study aging processes in cartilage. The accelerated aging process in cultured chondrocytes is completed within a month and is manifested by typical changes in both cellular and extracellular compartments. Under common mainten...

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  • Hypodiploidy and serum immunoglobulin concentrations in the elderly.

    abstract::Chromosome analyses and Ig level determinations were carried out on seventeen aged men and women, 83--100 years of age. In men, significant correlations were found between hypodiploidy and IgA (gamma = 0.95) and between monosomy C and IgG (gamma = 0.79) while in women, monosomy G and IgG were significantly correlated ...

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  • Effect of ageing on the response of the rat isolated testicular capsule to norepinephrine, acetylcholine and prostaglandins.

    abstract::The response of the rat isolated testicular capsule to norepinephrine (NE), acetylcholine (ACh) and prostaglandins (PG) was found to be age-dependent. The testicular capsular contractions attributable to smooth muscle cells located within the tunica albuginea may be involved in the transport of non-motile spermatozoa ...

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  • Age-related delay in recovery of beta-adrenergic sensitivity after abrupt propranolol withdrawal in rats.

    abstract::We compared cardiovascular responses to various adrenergic agonists in conscious 3-month and 12-month old rats that had been treated with propranolol daily for 7 days, to determine whether changes in beta-adrenergic hypersensitivity induced by abrupt propranolol withdrawal would differ with age. Depressor and tachycar...

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    authors: Teräväinen TL,Buñag RD

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  • Immune manipulations and brain-reactive antibody formation in aging mice.

    abstract::Previous studies have demonstrated an increase in brain-reactive antibodies (BRA) in sera of various mammals as a function of age. The present study attempts to obtain a better understanding of the mode of formation of BRA by using various immunologic manipulations in young and old C57BL/6 mice. The mean BRA levels we...

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    authors: Nandy K,Bennett M

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  • Lymphatic lipid transport is not impaired in ageing rat intestine.

    abstract::Lymphatic lipid transport in the intestine of adult and ageing rats was compared. Adult (8-10 months old) and old (24-26 months old) male Wistar rats were cannulated into the mesenteric lymph under ethrane anesthesia. On the following day, lipid emulsion containing 35.4 mg/h of olive oil was infused intraduodenally fo...

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  • Relevance of oxidative stress to the limited replicative capacity of cultured human diploid cells: the limit of cumulative population doublings increases under low concentrations of oxygen and decreases in response to aminotriazole.

    abstract::Human diploid cells, TIG-7, were serially cultivated under 1%, 5% or 21% (air) oxygen. The limit of their cumulative population doublings was extended by 16% or 10% under 1% or 5% oxygen, respectively, as compared with that under 21% oxygen. When TIG-7 cells were serially cultivated in the presence of 10 mM or 20 mM 3...

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  • Effects of electrical stimulation and norepinephrine on cyclic-AMP levels in the cerebral cortex of the aging rat.

    abstract::One to 24 month old rats were anesthetized with alpha-chloralose, their cerebral cortices exposed surgically and subjected in vivo to stimulation by norepinephrine (1.0mM for 5 minutes) or electrical pulses (100 pulses/s for 10 s). After microwave fixation, cortical samples were analyzed for cyclic-AMP by the Gilman m...

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    authors: Berg A,Zimmerman ID

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  • A comparative study of the Ca2+-Mg2+ dependent ATPase from skeletal muscles of young, adult and old rats.

    abstract::Sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) vesicles isolated from skeletal muscle of Sprague-Dawley rats ranging in age from 4 months to 28 months were studied and compared. A marked decline, with age, was observed in the amount of (total) SR proteins isolated per gram of muscle tissue used. This decline is in line with the known lo...

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    authors: Gafni A,Yuh KC

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  • Investigation of the effect of hydrogen peroxide on the chromosomes of young and elderly individuals.

    abstract::Active oxygen species have been considered to be responsible for the aging process and for the induction and initiation of neoplastic processes. The effect of hydrogen peroxide, an active oxygen species, was investigated in the chromosomes of three young women (20-21 years of age) and of three elderly women (73-79 yea...

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  • Amyloid precursor protein, heat-shock proteins, and Bcl-2 form a complex in mitochondria and modulate mitochondria function and apoptosis in N2a cells.

    abstract::Neurons that degenerate in the brains of persons with Alzheimer's disease accumulate mitochondrial amyloid precursor protein (APP), which is thought to negatively affect mitochondrial function and cellular homeostasis. Because proteins that enter mitochondria require assistance from chaperone proteins, we hypothesized...

    journal_title:Mechanisms of ageing and development

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    authors: Yang TT,Hsu CT,Kuo YM

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  • Long-term immunological memory against viruses.

    abstract::This review addresses a novel facet of human T cell biology that constitutes a fundamental problem for long-term maintenance of immunological memory against viruses. The finite proliferative capacity of human T lymphocytes is sufficiently great to accommodate the waves of clonal expansion associated with primary and e...

    journal_title:Mechanisms of ageing and development

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    authors: Effros RB

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  • Relationship of age and calcitonin gene-related peptide to postprandial hypotension.

    abstract::Falls following a meal occur commonly in older persons. These falls have been related to a decrease in postprandial blood pressure due to carbohydrates in the meal. The mechanism by which this occurs is not known. In this study, we examined the possible role of a vasodilatory peptide, calcitonin gene-related peptide (...

    journal_title:Mechanisms of ageing and development

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    authors: Edwards BJ,Perry HM 3rd,Kaiser FE,Morley JE,Kraenzle D,Stevenson R,Kreutter D

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  • Keynote: mechanisms of senescence--complificationists versus simplificationists.

    abstract::It strikes me that among our relatively small community of gerontologists concerned with genetic approaches to our science, there is somewhat of a dichotomization. On the one hand, there are those of us, like myself, who tend to be dour 'complificationists'. Journalists talk to us, but are usually disappointed by the ...

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    authors: Martin GM

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  • cDNA expression arrays reveal incomplete reversal of age-related changes in gene expression by calorie restriction.

    abstract::Calorie restriction (CR) extends life span and retards many age-related cellular and molecular changes in laboratory rodents. However, neither the breadth of its effects, its underlying mechanisms, nor the limits of its action is fully understood. Expression levels of 588 genes in livers from 3- and 24-month-old ad li...

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    authors: Han E,Hilsenbeck SG,Richardson A,Nelson JF

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  • Effect of age on cholesterol uptake and utilization by rat adrenals: I. Internalization of lipoprotein-derived cholesteryl esters.

    abstract::Previous studies from this laboratory have documented a progressive age-related decline in trophic hormone (or second messenger cAMP) stimulated corticosterone production in isolated adrenocortical cells. In the current study, we examined the possibility that the aging process exerts this effect by interfering with an...

    journal_title:Mechanisms of ageing and development

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    authors: Azhar S,Reaven E

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  • The role of endothelin in the age dependent increase in renal vascular resistance in the rat kidney.

    abstract::Endothelin (ET) is a powerful vasopressor agent that is activated in a number of pathophysiologic states where renal perfusion is reduced. Since renal vasoconstriction occurs as part of renal aging, we investigated the possibility that ET may be activated in the old kidney. These experiments involved acutely blocking ...

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    authors: Greenfeld Z,Engels K,Samsell L,Baylis C

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  • The influence of age on the hypothalamo-neurohypophyseal system of the mouse: a quantitative ultrastructural analysis of the posterior pituitary.

    abstract::A quantitative ultrastructural study of the posterior pituitary was undertaken. The posterior pituitary is the storage of the hormones vasopressin and oxytocin. Female C57BL/Icrfat mice which were under conditions of normal hydration were sampled at 8 and 32 months of age. There was a slight age-related decline in the...

    journal_title:Mechanisms of ageing and development

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    authors: Wilkinson A,Davies I

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  • Variation in menstrual cycle length and cessation of menstruation in captive raised baboons.

    abstract::Primatologists have recognized that non-humans undergo the menopause [Biol. Reprod. 68 (2003) 10], which is preceded by years of irregular cycles and decreased fecundity. The similarity of reproductive changes between humans and baboons suggests that the aging female baboon is a particularly promising model to study h...

    journal_title:Mechanisms of ageing and development

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    authors: Martin LJ,Carey KD,Comuzzie AG

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  • Fate of allogeneic embryonal chick chondrocytes implanted orthotopically, as determined by the host's age.

    abstract::Chondrocytes derived from chick embryos can be successfully implanted in defects of adult chick articular cartilage surfaces. Such implants thrive in their implantation site and create a new articular surface. The chondrocytes mature and hypertrophy in the orthotopic site without invoking an immune response. Eventuall...

    journal_title:Mechanisms of ageing and development

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    authors: Robinson D,Halperin N,Nevo Z

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  • The protein L-isoaspartyl-O-methyltransferase functions in the Caenorhabditis elegans stress response.

    abstract::The efficient use of nutrients is important in development and aging. In this study, we asked if the protein repair methyltransferase has a related or additional role in energy metabolism and stress response in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. Worms lacking the pcm-1 gene encoding this enzyme exhibit reduced longe...

    journal_title:Mechanisms of ageing and development

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    authors: Gomez TA,Banfield KL,Clarke SG

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  • Influence of age on hypoxia/reoxygenation-induced DNA fragmentation and bcl-2, bcl-xl, bax and fas in the rat heart and brain.

    abstract::To test the hypothesis that the aging mammalian heart and brain might have increased vulnerability to acute stress, DNA fragmentation was studied after hypoxia-reoygenation in young adult (6 months) and old (22-24 months) F344 rats. Heart and brain tissue were examined at the following time points: 30, 60, or 90 min o...

    journal_title:Mechanisms of ageing and development

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    authors: Azhar G,Liu L,Zhang X,Wei JY

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  • Myofibrillar myosin ATPase activity in hindlimb muscles from young and aged rats.

    abstract::We tested the hypothesis that Ca(2+)-activated myosin ATPase activity is lower in muscles of aged rats relative to muscles of young rats, independent of changes in myosin isoform expression. Myofibrils were prepared from permeabilized fibers of soleus, plantaris, and semimembranosus muscles of young (8-12 months) and ...

    journal_title:Mechanisms of ageing and development

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    authors: Lowe DA,Husom AD,Ferrington DA,Thompson LV

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  • Glycoanalysis of the placental membrane glycoproteins throughout placental development.

    abstract::Structural changes of glycans are observed in different (patho)physiological conditions. Human placental membrane (glyco)proteins were isolated from the first and third trimester placentas of mothers at different ages. By using lectin microarray, we demonstrated that the placental membrane N-glycome contains several N...

    journal_title:Mechanisms of ageing and development

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    authors: Robajac D,Masnikosa R,Nemčovič M,Križáková M,Belická Kluková Ľ,Baráth P,Katrlík J,Nedić O

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  • Immune parameters in a population of institutionalized elderly subjects: influence of depressive disorders and endocrinological correlations.

    abstract::Twenty-six institutionalized elderly subjects, selected as healthy according to the SENIEUR protocol, were compared to adult controls to establish correlations between affective disorders and immune abnormalities and to investigate underlying neuroendocrine mechanisms. After an extensive psychodiagnostic examination, ...

    journal_title:Mechanisms of ageing and development

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    authors: Bartoloni C,Guidi L,Frasca D,Antico L,Pili R,Cursi F,Di Giovanni A,Rumi C,Menini E,Carbonin P

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  • Cancer-Incidence, prevalence and mortality in the oldest-old. A comprehensive review.

    abstract::Chronic health conditions are commonplace in older populations. The process of aging impacts many of the world's top health concerns. With the average life expectancy continuing to climb, understanding patterns of morbidity in aging populations has become progressively more important. Cancer is an age-related disease,...

    journal_title:Mechanisms of ageing and development

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    authors: Nolen SC,Evans MA,Fischer A,Corrada MM,Kawas CH,Bota DA

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  • How to classify the oldest old according to their health status: a study on 1160 subjects belonging to 552 90+ Italian sib-ships characterized by familial longevity recruited within the GEHA EU Project.

    abstract::The health status of the oldest old, the fastest increasing population segment worldwide, progressively becomes more heterogeneous, and this peculiarity represents a major obstacle to their classification. We compared the effectiveness of four previously proposed criteria (Franceschi et al., 2000; Evert et al., 2003; ...

    journal_title:Mechanisms of ageing and development

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    authors: Cevenini E,Cotichini R,Stazi MA,Toccaceli V,Scurti M,Mari V,Berardelli M,Passarino G,Jeune B,Franceschi C,GEHA Project Consortium.

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  • Mental impairment (dementia) and cerebral atrophy in geriatric patients.

    abstract::In predicting the degree of brain atrophy as measured by CT, the AGP score and a few clinical variables were of some remarkable value. Especially the variables related to memory disorders and lack of insight are easily and reliably assessed during the course of the examination. In comparison to other more widely used ...

    journal_title:Mechanisms of ageing and development

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    authors: Gutzmann H,Avdaloff W

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  • Effects of age and social isolation on murine hippocampal biochemistry and behavior.

    abstract::Social isolation (SI) is a major health risk in older people leading to cognitive decline. This study examined how SI and age influence performance in the novel object recognition (NOR) and elevated plus maze (EPM) tasks in C57BL/6 mice aged 3 or 24 months. Mice were group-housed (groups of 2-3) or isolated for 2 week...

    journal_title:Mechanisms of ageing and development

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    authors: Panossian A,Cave MW,Patel BA,Brooks EL,Flint MS,Yeoman MS

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  • Is DNA damage indispensable for stress-induced senescence?

    abstract::Cellular senescence is a fundamental trait of many eukaryotic organisms. Senescent cells participate both in the developmental program and in normal ageing and age-related diseases. Senescence of proliferation-prone cells is a state of permanent cell cycle arrest accompanied by metabolic activity manifested by high se...

    journal_title:Mechanisms of ageing and development

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    authors: Bielak-Zmijewska A,Mosieniak G,Sikora E

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