[Care situation for hospitalized patients with cognitive disorders].


BACKGROUND:The number of patients with a cognitive disorder will increase significantly in the coming years due to demographic changes. The number of patients from this group requiring stationary treatment will inevitably increase in all medical specialties. The aim of our survey was to examine how hospitals are prepared with regard to nursing and treatment for the increasing number of patients with a cognitive disorder. Data were obtained concerning which problems in care have special significance and should play a central role in future considerations. METHODS:A total of 500 questionnaires were sent to the hospital or nursing directors in Germany. The size of hospital, special wards, targeted admission of patients with a cognitive disorder, especially problematic behaviors of these patients, and measures taken were recorded in a multiple choice manner. RESULTS:The return rate was 26 %. In larger hospitals, special wards for "dementia" (geriatrics, neurology, psychiatry or geropsychiatry) were available. The patients with reduced cognitive abilities received care in specialized wards, if available. Abnormal behaviors were highly significant at all hospitals consulted. Diverse measures were used to solve the problem. The percentages of patients receiving pharmacological treatment or measures for restraint were higher in hospitals with special "dementia" departments compared to hospitals without. CONCLUSION:The number of patients with a cognitive disorder being cared for in hospitals is significantly higher than generally assumed. The mentioned problems are difficult to solve. Concepts especially for hospitals without "dementia" specialty departments are absolutely necessary and should be further validated.


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  • Increased splanchnic arterial vascular resistance in oldest old patients - possible relevance for postprandial hypotension.

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