[Prisons and release of elderly prisoners].


:The proportion of older prisoners increases with demographic change. The situation in prison and the release from prison are related with particular risks especially for elderly people. Systematically evaluated experiences and findings of the specific needs and requirements of elderly prisoners are rare. The Institute for Gerontological Research investigated the situation of older prisoners in the project AIBA--Older Prisoners: Particular Requirements--Special Offers? (funded by the Federal Ministry of Justice, August-December 2012). Their situation in everyday life, the preparation for and the experience of release were studied. The results show that the meaning of age in prison varies. Offers that focused on the individual needs were evaluated positively and a further need of special offers was apparent. Release is complicated by administrative barriers and improved preparation for release is needed.


Z Gerontol Geriatr


Kammerer K,Spohr J




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  • [Special care units for patients with cognitive impairment : Results of a nationwide survey in geriatric hospitals in Germany].

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  • [Clinical laboratory diagnosis and aging. 3: Evaluation of a study of aging--complete blood and urine status].

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  • [Care situation for hospitalized patients with cognitive disorders].

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  • ["Retirement at age 58"--improvement or deterioration of living status?].

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  • [Changes in needs for assistance and care after hip fractures in the elderly].

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  • [Inpatient equivalent treatment : A new form of care also in gerontopsychiatry].

    abstract::Since 2018, following a revision of the German Social Code Book V (SGB V), it has been possible for psychiatric hospitals to provide inpatient outreach treatment in the domestic environment of psychiatric patients. Special structural features and documentation requirements must be observed. In addition to a member of ...

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  • [Retirement as crisis or good fortune? Results of a quantitative-qualitative longitudinal study].

    abstract::Results of a longitudinal study about the transition to retirement are presented. 329 persons were interviewed three times (quantitative study) and 20 persons conducted a semi-structured diary (qualitative study), covering in both groups a two-year period (from half a year before retirement to one and a half years aft...

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  • [Perspectives for professionally sufficient and adequate care of ageing patients].

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  • [Volunteering shapes rural areas. Opportunities and limits of civic engagement for municipal safeguarding of sustenance].

    abstract::Rural areas are challenged differently by demographic change than urban areas. Prognostic data for the newly formed German states illustrate very clearly that the safeguarding of sustenance in rural areas requires redirection in order to maintain vivid municipalities that are prepared for the future. Civic engagement ...

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  • [Prevalence of dementia in university hospitals : Analysis of ICD-10 coding in 5 university hospitals in Germany over a 2-year period].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Demographic changes result in a higher prevalence of patients suffering from dementia in hospital. In Germany, epidemiological data of this target group are scarce and prevalence rates from university hospitals (UH) are not available. The prevalence rates and distribution were analyzed on the basis of ICD-10...

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  • [Assessment of care in patients with dementia in house calls by general practitioners].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Patients with dementia (PD) are a special challenge for the healthcare system. They are responsible for 5% of the expenditure in the German healthcare service. The disease-related deficits and the associated need for care leads to the fact that patients are not able to live in their own residence and rely on...

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  • [Associations between cognitive performance in a dementia screening test (SKT) and an intelligence test (WAIS IV) : Which deficits in cognitive performance in old age indicate a possible pathological deterioration process?]

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Which deficits in cognitive performance indicate the onset of a pathological deterioration process in older persons? AIM AND OBJECTIVES:Based on an established dementia screening test in elderly adults, a differentiation can be made between healthy cognitive performance and the onset of pathological deficit...

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  • [Palliative geriatrics. What are the differences between oncologic and non-oncologic palliative geriatric inpatients?].

    abstract:AIM OF THE STUDY:Analysis of differences between oncologic and non-oncologic patients in the first German hospital-based special care unit for palliative geriatrics. METHODS:Systematic analysis of patients' records according to a standardized protocol. RESULTS:A total of 217 patients from a hospital-based special car...

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  • [Treatment of pain in people with dementia].

    abstract::The causes of pain must always be clarified, as long as it can be justified. In dementia the placebo effect can be lacking. A treatment on demand is difficult to implement. Correctly applied nonmedicinal treatment has few unwanted effects but mostly needs constant support by personnel. Medications with anticholinergic...

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  • [Mobile geriatric rehabilitation in nursing homes, in short-term care facilities and private homes : Setting-specific analysis of nationwide treatment documentation (Part 2)].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Mobile geriatric rehabilitation can be provided in the setting of nursing homes, short-term care (STC) facilities and exclusively in private homes. OBJECTIVE:This study analyzed the common features and differences of mobile rehabilitation interventions in various settings. MATERIAL AND METHODS:Stratified b...

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  • [Images and discourses of ageing--annotations to the state of research].

    abstract::Up to now, images of ageing are considered unilaterally from an individualising perspective in which the cause for negative images as well as the starting point for potential change is localised in cognitive attitude patterns. In this contribution we plead for a conceptual extension of the research on images of ageing...

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  • Association of anemia and hypoalbuminemia in German geriatric inpatients: Relationship to nutritional status and comprehensive geriatric assessment.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Anemia and hypoalbuminemia (HA) are acknowledged independent risk factors for morbidity and mortality in geriatric patients and are associated with nutritional status and frailty. Data exist regarding the association between albumin and frailty, anemia and frailty as well as frailty and nutritional status; h...

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  • [Optimizing the nursing process by new management instruments. The Northern Germany Nursing Research Network].

    abstract::The Northern Germany Nursing Research Network (Pflegeforschungsverbund Nord) has dedicated itself to developing management instruments intended to optimize the nursing process. It is coordinated by the administrative office of the Institute of Public Health and Nursing Research (Institut für Public Health und Pflegefo...

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  • [Ideal types of interaction patterns of psychosomatic patients in geriatric inpatient treatment].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Cooperation between psychosomatic and geriatric medicine is still sporadic and rarely institutionally integrated. At the same time, however, nearly half of geriatric inpatients suffer from psychopathological symptoms of clinical relevance. The patterns of interactions between patients and professionals of th...

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  • Expected and preferred retirement age in Germany.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Over the last 10 years the German pension system has undergone several reforms including the abandonment of early retirement policies and an increase in the statutory retirement age. Consequently, the average retirement age has increased and future retiree cohorts have adjusted the retirement expectations an...

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  • [Integrated care management for older people with chronic diseases in domesticity: evidence from Cochrane reviews].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The number of multiple chronically ill older people is increasing and multimorbidity is associated with high utilization of health services. Integrated care management is increasingly used to address this problem; however, there is a substantial lack of reliable data on its effectiveness in this target group...

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  • [Leisure interest activities within the context of mobility environments].

    abstract::Selected activities of daily living are used to describe the micro-area (dwelling), mezzo-area (quarter) and exo-area (outside the quarter). In a survey of 115 elderly people, the five-year-changes from 1985/86 to 1990/91 in their areas of mobility in a working class district are documented. Special interest is given ...

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  • [Duodenal ulcers, gastric ulcers and Helicobacter pylori].

    abstract::The mortality in elderly patients over the age of 80 years with peptic ulcers in the case of complications, such as bleeding and perforation is higher than in the general population. Duodenal ulcers are associated with Helicobacter pylori infections in 90% of cases and in 70% of gastric ulcers. The treatment of elderl...

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  • An exercise programme for community-dwelling, mobility-restricted and chronically ill older adults with structured support by the general practitioner's practice (HOMEfit). From feasibility to evaluation.

    abstract::Programmes containing health-enhancing physical exercise should be evaluated using standards that are just as rigorous as those required for drug development. In contrast to new medicines, exercise programmes are highly complex. This has to be taken into account when designing the research plan. In order to illustrate...

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  • Vitamin D status and physical function in nursing home residents: a 1-year observational study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Low vitamin D blood levels are highly prevalent in elderly people, particularly in nursing home residents (NHR). A relation between vitamin D levels and physical function (PF) is described in several studies in older adults; however, data on NHR are scarce and there is presently no information on the time cou...

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  • [Are psychiatric illnesses adequately considered in distribution of nursing care levels according to the nursing care insurance law? Evaluation using a new scale for evaluating need for nursing care by senior citizens].

    abstract::The object of our study is the evaluation of care needs of senior citizens and the adjustment of certain stage of care according to the German Health Care Act ("Pflegeversicherungsgesetz"). For assessment of care needs we developed a new rating scale (BPS). Factor analysis of the rating scale showed 5 dimensions: (1) ...

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  • [Expert assessment of nursing care need according to SGB XL. Trigger for intervention programs in geriatric rehabilitation].

    abstract::"Rehabilitation instead of nursing care" is one of the most important entitlements of the social welfare legislation to long-term care. In Germany 1.2 million evaluations per year are done by the experts of the medical review boards of the health insurance funds. As a part of those evaluations the experts also have to...

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  • [Enhancement of hospice philosophy and palliative care competence in nursing homes for seniors through cooperation with an outpatient hospice care service : A practical example].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The aim of palliative care is to help people with a progressive, probably fatal disease to achieve the highest possible quality of life. Any treatment is radically oriented towards the needs of the affected persons and their relatives. Although nursing institutions for seniors are the second most frequent pl...

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  • Primary care guidelines for geriatric assessment. A structured, comparative analysis.

    abstract::A structured geriatric assessment (GA) improves the quality of health care; however, the quality of GA guidelines has hardly been investigated. Eight guidelines were identified by systematically searching guideline databases, web sites of guideline developers, and PubMed. The methodological quality was assessed by two...

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