Database proton NMR chemical shifts for RNA signal assignment and validation.


:The Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank contains NMR chemical shift depositions for 132 RNAs and RNA-containing complexes. We have analyzed the (1)H NMR chemical shifts reported for non-exchangeable protons of residues that reside within A-form helical regions of these RNAs. The analysis focused on the central base pair within a stretch of three adjacent base pairs (BP triplets), and included both Watson-Crick (WC; G:C, A:U) and G:U wobble pairs. Chemical shift values were included for all 4(3) possible WC-BP triplets, as well as 137 additional triplets that contain one or more G:U wobbles. Sequence-dependent chemical shift correlations were identified, including correlations involving terminating base pairs within the triplets and canonical and non-canonical structures adjacent to the BP triplets (i.e. bulges, loops, WC and non-WC BPs), despite the fact that the NMR data were obtained under different conditions of pH, buffer, ionic strength, and temperature. A computer program (RNAShifts) was developed that enables convenient comparison of RNA (1)H NMR assignments with database predictions, which should facilitate future signal assignment/validation efforts and enable rapid identification of non-canonical RNA structures and RNA-ligand/protein interaction sites.


J Biomol NMR


Barton S,Heng X,Johnson BA,Summers MF




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2013-01-01 00:00:00












  • Facile measurement of polypeptide JHNH alpha coupling constants from HMQC-J spectra.

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  • Determination of molecular alignment tensors without backbone resonance assignment: Aid to rapid analysis of protein-protein interactions.

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  • Deleterious effects of carbon-carbon dipolar coupling on RNA NMR dynamics.

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  • Biosynthetically directed fractional 13C labeling facilitates identification of Phe and Tyr aromatic signals in proteins.

    abstract::Analysis of 2D [(13)C,(1)H]-HSQC spectra of biosynthetic fractionally (13)C labeled proteins is a reliable, straightforward means to obtain stereospecific assignments of Val and Leu methyl sites in proteins. Herein we show that the same fractionally labeled protein sample facilitates observation and identification of ...

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  • Heteronuclear relayed E.COSY applied to the determination of accurate 3J(HN,C') and 3J(H beta,C') coupling constants in desulfovibrio vulgaris flavodoxin.

    abstract::A simple constant-time 3D heteronuclear NMR pulse sequence has been developed to quantitatively determine the heteronuclear three-bond couplings 3J(HN,C') and 3J(H beta,C') in uniformly 13C-enriched proteins. The protocols for measuring accurate coupling constants are based on 1H,13C-heteronuclear relayed E.COSY [Schm...

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  • PROSHIFT: protein chemical shift prediction using artificial neural networks.

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  • Quantitative measurement of exchange dynamics in proteins via (13)C relaxation dispersion of (13)CHD2-labeled samples.

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    abstract::The NMR spectra of the complex between the DNA-binding domain of the Dead ringer protein (DRI-DBD, Gly262-Gly398) and its DNA binding site (DRI-DBD:DNA, 26 kDa) have been optimized by biochemical and spectroscopic means. First, we demonstrate the utility of a modified 2D [F1,F2] 13C-filtered NOESY experiment that empl...

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  • Selective excitation of intense solvent signals in the presence of radiation damping.

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    abstract::We demonstrate a novel sparse (13)C labelling approach for methylotrophic yeast P. pastoris expression system, towards solid-state NMR studies of eukaryotic membrane proteins. The labelling scheme was achieved by co-utilizing natural abundance methanol and specifically (13)C labelled glycerol as carbon sources in the ...

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  • Quantifying millisecond time-scale exchange in proteins by CPMG relaxation dispersion NMR spectroscopy of side-chain carbonyl groups.

    abstract::A new pulse sequence is presented for the measurement of relaxation dispersion profiles quantifying millisecond time-scale exchange dynamics of side-chain carbonyl groups in uniformly (13)C labeled proteins. The methodology has been tested using the 87-residue colicin E7 immunity protein, Im7, which is known to fold v...

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  • An efficient strategy for assignment of cross-peaks in 3D heteronuclear NOESY experiments.

    abstract::The question is addressed of how maximal structural NOE data on double labelled proteins can be acquired with a minimal set of NOESY experiments. Two 3D-NOESY spectra are reported which, in concert with other commonly used spectra, provide a convenient strategy for NOE assignment. The 3D CNH-NOESY and 3D NCH-NOESY pro...

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  • Solution structure of the soluble domain of the NfeD protein YuaF from Bacillus subtilis.

    abstract::The transmembrane protein YuaF from B. subtilis is a member of the NfeD-like clan with a potential role in maintaining membrane integrity during conditions of cellular stress. nfeD-genes are primarily found in highly conserved operon structures together with the gene of another membrane protein belonging to the SPFH s...

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  • Measurement of 15N-13C J couplings in staphylococcal nuclease.

    abstract::15N-C alpha and 15N-C' J couplings were measured for the backbone of staphylococcal nuclease, uniformly enriched with 15N and 13C. It is found that the 1JC'N coupling is similar for beta-sheet, J = 14.8 +/- 0.5 and for alpha-helix, J = 14.8 +/- 0.4 but tends to be larger for the unstructured N- and C-terminal ends of ...

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  • Efficient DNP NMR of membrane proteins: sample preparation protocols, sensitivity, and radical location.

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  • Automated probabilistic method for assigning backbone resonances of (13C,15N)-labeled proteins.

    abstract::We present a computer algorithm for the automated assignment of polypeptide backbone and 13C beta resonances of a protein of known primary sequence. Input to the algorithm consists of cross peaks from several 3D NMR experiments: HNCA, HN(CA)CO, HN(CA)HA, HNCACB, COCAH, HCA(CO)N, HNCO, HN(CO)CA, HN(COCA)HA, and CBCA(CO...

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  • Complete assignment of 1H, 13C and 15N chemical shifts for bovine beta-lactoglobulin: secondary structure and topology of the native state is retained in a partially unfolded form.

    abstract::Although beta-lactoglobulin (beta-LG) has been studied extensively for more than 50 years, its physical properties in solution are not yet understood fully in terms of its three-dimensional (3D) structure. For example, despite a recent high-resolution crystal structure, it is still not clear why the two common variant...

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  • Maximum entropy approach to the determination of solution conformation of flexible polypeptides by global conformational analysis and NMR spectroscopy--application to DNS1-c-[D-A2,bu2,Trp4,Leu5]enkephalin and DNS1-c-[D-A2bu2,Trp4,D-Leu5]enkephalin.

    abstract::A method is proposed to determine the conformational equilibrium of flexible polypeptides in solution, using the data provided by NMR spectroscopy and theoretical conformational calculations. The algorithm consists of the following three steps: (i) search of the conformational space in order to find conformations with...

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  • Cross-correlated spin relaxation effects in methyl 1H CPMG-based relaxation dispersion experiments: complications and a simple solution.

    abstract::Artifacts associated with the measurement of methyl (1)H single quantum CPMG-based relaxation dispersion profiles are described. These artifacts arise due to the combination of cross-correlated spin relaxation effects involving intra-methyl (1)H-(1)H dipolar interactions and imperfections in (1)H refocusing pulses tha...

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    authors: Korzhnev DM,Mittermaier AK,Kay LE

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  • Amino acid recognition for automatic resonance assignment of intrinsically disordered proteins.

    abstract::Resonance assignment is a prerequisite for almost any NMR-based study of proteins. It can be very challenging in some cases, however, due to the nature of the protein under investigation. This is the case with intrinsically disordered proteins, for example, whose NMR spectra suffer from low chemical shifts dispersion ...

    journal_title:Journal of biomolecular NMR

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Piai A,Gonnelli L,Felli IC,Pierattelli R,Kazimierczuk K,Grudziąż K,Koźmiński W,Zawadzka-Kazimierczuk A

    更新日期:2016-03-01 00:00:00

  • Determination of a complete set of coupling constants in 13C-labeled oligonucleotides.

    abstract::Three experiments are introduced to determine a complete set of coupling constants in RNA oligomers. In the HCCH-E.COSY experiment, the vicinal proton-proton coupling constants can be measured with high accuracy. In the P-FIDS-CT-HSQC experiment, vicinal proton-phosphorus and carbon-phosphorus couplings are measured t...

    journal_title:Journal of biomolecular NMR

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    authors: Schwalbe H,Marino JP,King GC,Wechselberger R,Bermel W,Griesinger C

    更新日期:1994-09-01 00:00:00

  • Redor in IS1S2 systems.

    abstract::An approach to the determination of the 2-(13)C' chemical shift (CS) tensor orientation in pyrimidine bases via heteronuclear MAS NMR spectroscopy is presented. Considering a dipolar coupled spin 1/2 network of the type S1-I-S2 consisting of directly bonded heteronuclear spins, we have carried out numerical simulation...

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