Active site mapping of trypsin, thrombin and matriptase-2 by sulfamoyl benzamidines.


:The benzamidine moiety, a well-known arginine mimetic, has been introduced in a variety of ligands, including peptidomimetic inhibitors of trypsin-like serine proteases. According to their primary substrate specificity, the benzamidine residue interacts with the negatively charged aspartate at the bottom of the S1 pocket of such enzymes. Six series of benzamidine derivatives (1-73) were synthesized and evaluated as inhibitors of two prototype serine proteases, that is, bovine trypsin and human thrombin. As a further target, human matriptase-2, a recently discovered type II transmembrane serine protease, was investigated. Matriptase-2 represents an important regulatory protease in iron homeostasis by down-regulation of the hepcidin expression. Compounds 1-73 were designed to contain a fixed sulfamoyl benzamidine moiety as arginine mimetic and a linker-connected additional substructure, such as a tert-butyl ester, carboxylate or second benzamidine functionality. A systematic mapping approach was performed with these inhibitors to scan the active site of the three target proteases. In particular, bisbenzamidines, able to interact with both the S1 and S3/S4 binding sites, showed notable affinity. In branched bisbenzamidines 66-73 containing a third hydrophobic residue, opposite effects of the stereochemistry on trypsin and thrombin inhibition were observed.


Bioorg Med Chem


Dosa S,Stirnberg M,Lülsdorff V,Häußler D,Maurer E,Gütschow M




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  • Design, synthesis and SAR of potent statine-based BACE-1 inhibitors: exploration of P1 phenoxy and benzyloxy residues.

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  • Cosmomycin C inhibits signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3) pathways in MDA-MB-468 breast cancer cell.

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    abstract::We previously reported a series of 8-methyl-2-aryl-5-alkylaminoquinolines as a novel class of corticotropin-releasing factor-1 (CRF(1)) receptor antagonists. A critical issue encountered for this series of compounds was low aqueous solubility at physiological pH (pH 7.4). To address this issue, derivatization at key s...

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  • Identification of minimal sequence for HIV-1 fusion inhibitors.

    abstract::Emergence of multi-drug resistant HIV-1 is a serious problem for AIDS treatment. Recently, the virus-cell membrane fusion process has been identified as a promising target for the development of novel drugs against these resistant variants. In this study, we identified a 29-residue peptide fusion inhibitor, SC29EK, wh...

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  • DNA double helix destabilizing properties of cyclobisintercaland compounds and competition with a single strand binding protein.

    abstract::The DNA helix destabilizing activity of a series of cyclobisintercaland compounds (CBIs) has been evaluated by measuring their ability to displace a 32P-labelled oligonucleotide primer (17-mer) hybridized to the single stranded DNA of M13. This destabilizing activity appears to be strongly dependent on the cyclic stru...

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  • Efficient synthesis of Hsp90 inhibitor dimers as potential antitumor agents.

    abstract::The PU-H58-dimers 13a-15b were efficiently synthesized and their biological properties were evaluated. The copper-catalyzed alkyne azide coupling was effective in simultaneously linking three components via a triazole formation to afford the target dimers. These synthesized dimers exhibited binding affinity to the N-t...

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  • Design, synthesis and herbicidal activity of new iron chelating motifs for HPPD-inhibitors.

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  • BRACO19 analog dimers with improved inhibition of telomerase and hPot 1.

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