Can plasma HHV8 viral load be used to differentiate multicentric Castleman disease from Kaposi sarcoma?


:We measured plasma human herpesvirus 8 (HHV8) DNA load in consecutive patients presenting with HIV-associated multicentric Castleman disease (MCD) and in contemporaneous patients who had Kaposi sarcoma (KS), lymphoma or other diagnoses. All 11 patients with MCD had detectable plasma HHV8 DNA compared with 18 (72%) of 25 patients with KS, none with lymphoma and one of 38 patients with other diagnoses. Detectable plasma HHV8 DNA levels were higher among MCD patients, median (interquartile range [IQR]) = 43,500 (5200-150,000) copies/mL, when compared with those with KS, median (IQR) = 320 (167-822) copies/mL and those with lymphoma and other diagnoses (one-way analysis of variance; P = 0.0303). Using receiver operating characteristic analysis, a cut-off of >1000 copies HHV8 DNA/mL of plasma helped to discriminate between MCD and other diagnoses, with a specificity of 94.7% and a negative predictive value of 97.3%. The level of HHV8 viraemia, while not diagnostic, may aid discrimination between patients with MCD and those with KS and other systemic illnesses.




Sayer R,Paul J,Tuke PW,Hargreaves S,Noursadeghi M,Tedder RS,Grant P,Edwards SG,Miller RF




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  • Estimating HIV-1 transmission efficiency through unsafe medical injections.

    abstract::The transmission efficiency of HIV-1 through unsafe medical injections can be estimated from seroconversions among health care workers (HCWs) after percutaneous exposures and documented iatrogenic outbreaks. Data from a case-control study of seroconversion after percutaneous exposures among US and European HCWs shows ...

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  • A case of gastric syphilis with neurosyphilis presented as epigastric pain.

    abstract::Gastric syphilis has non-specific symptoms and various endoscopic and radiographic findings. Spirochetes are seen infrequently in biopsy specimens and the pathological findings are often non-specific. So it is very difficult to make a definitive diagnosis of gastric syphilis based on clinical symptoms and biopsy findi...

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  • Long-term HIV/AIDS survivors: Patients living with HIV infection retained in care for over 20 years. What have we learned?

    abstract::Individuals diagnosed with HIV before 1996 had poor prognoses. Few HIV care centers can track patients continuously from the 1980s to present. We determined the sociodemographic, clinical, and health care utilization characteristics of patients diagnosed and followed for >20 years (i.e. long-term HIV/AIDS survivors) t...

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