Stimulation of Ca²+ signals in neurons by electrically coupled electrolyte-oxide-semiconductor capacitors.


:Electrolyte-oxide-semiconductor capacitors (EOSCs) are a class of microtransducers for extracellular electrical stimulation that have been successfully employed to activate voltage-dependent sodium channels at the neuronal soma to generate action potentials in vitro. In the present work, we report on their use to control Ca²+ signalling in cultured mammalian cells, including neurons. Evidence is provided that EOSC stimulation with voltage waveforms in the microsecond or nanosecond range activates two distinct Ca²+ pathways, either by triggering Ca²+ entry through the plasma membrane or its release from intracellular stores. Ca²+ signals were activated in non-neuronal and neuronal cell lines, CHO-K1 and SH-SY5Y. On this basis, stimulation was tailored to rat and bovine neurons to mimic physiological somatic Ca²+ transients evoked by glutamate. Being minimally invasive and easy to use, the new method represents a versatile complement to standard electrophysiology and imaging techniques for the investigation of Ca²+ signalling in dissociated primary neurons and cell lines.


J Neurosci Methods


Giacomello M,Girardi S,Scorzeto M,Peruffo A,Maschietto M,Cozzi B,Vassanelli S




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2011-05-15 00:00:00














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