Inconsistencies in recommendations on oral hygiene practices for children by professional dental and paediatric organisations in ten countries.


BACKGROUND:Some of the basic dental health practices that are recommended to the public by professionals are not evidence based. Incorrect oral health messages may adversely affect children's oral health behaviours. AIM:To identify and list the recommendations concerning children's oral hygiene practices provided by dental and paediatric organisations, and to assess how these recommendations relate to the scientific evidence currently available. DESIGN:Cross-sectional. The authors contacted professional organisations in ten countries requesting items (brochures, leaflets or folders) containing messages on children's oral hygiene practices. They then listed these recommendations and assessed how they related to scientific evidence obtained from systematic reviews available at PubMed and the Cochrane Library. RESULTS:Fifty-two of 59 (88%) organisations responded to our request and 24 dental health education materials were submitted to the authors. They mentioned recommendations on oral hygiene practices for children, such as toothbrushing frequency, supervision and technique; when to start and how long toothbrushing should last; toothbrush design and replacement; flossing; gums/teeth wiping; tongue cleaning; type and amount of toothpaste and advice on toothpaste ingestion. The search at PubMed and the Cochrane Library resulted in 11 systematic reviews addressing these topics. CONCLUSIONS:Several oral hygiene messages delivered by professional organisations showed inconsistencies and lacked scientific support.


Int J Paediatr Dent


dos Santos AP,Nadanovsky P,de Oliveira BH




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  • Inflammatory markers in saliva as indicators of gingival inflammation in cerebral palsy children with and without cervical motor control.

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  • A treatment need index: a pilot study.

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  • Total antioxidant levels of saliva in children related to caries, age, and gender.

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  • Tooth agenesis: a report of missing molars in two generations.

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  • A computer software package to facilitate clinical audit of outpatient paediatric dentistry.

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  • Balancing the extraction of primary teeth: a review.

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  • The effect of sociodemographic factors on dental anxiety in children seen in a suburban Nigerian hospital.

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  • Impacted supernumerary tooth developed under palatal polyp.

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  • Mandibular talon cusp: report of two rare cases.

    abstract::Two rare cases of talon cusps in the mandibular incisors were observed during a prevalence study on talon cusp. One of them was seen on a mandibular primary lateral incisor. The other one was observed on the mandibular left permanent central incisor, and the right mandibular permanent central incisor was congenitally ...

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  • Patient-reported Outcomes (PROs) in clinical trials in paediatric dentistry.

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  • Management of paediatric obstructive sleep apnoea: A systematic review and network meta-analysis.

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  • Oral myiasis: report of two cases.

    abstract::Case reports are presented of two patients from Oman who developed myiasis in the palate. Both suffered from cerebral palsy and had incompetent lips, anterior open bite and very poor oral hygiene. Both patients had denuded areas of hard palate anteriorly. In both cases large numbers of maggots were found under the sur...

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    abstract::A case is presented in which a non-vital maxillary primary incisor failed to resorb, its root apex appeared in the labial sulcus and further investigation showed it to be dilacerated. ...

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  • Special Care Dentistry: attitudes of Specialists in Paediatric Dentistry practising in the UK to the creation of a new specialty.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:This study was designed to examine the attitudes of Specialists in Paediatric Dentistry (SPDs) practising in the UK towards the creation of a specialty of Special Care Dentistry (SCD). DESIGN:Data were collected by postal questionnaire. Sample and methods. Two hundred and eleven dentists whose names were en...

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  • Oral status, sense of coherence, religious-spiritual coping, socio-economic characteristics, and quality of life in young patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Several factors can influence the oral health. AIM:To explore the clinical factors, individual characteristics, and environmental factors (religious-spiritual coping-RSC, sense of coherence [SOC], and socio-economic status) related to oral status and impact on oral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL) of...

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  • Does computerized anaesthesia reduce pain during local anaesthesia in paediatric patients for dental treatment? A systematic review and meta-analysis.

    abstract::This systematic review and meta-analysis analysed whether pain and disruptive behaviour can be decreased by the use of computerized local dental anaesthesia (CDLA) in children. The literature was screened to select randomized clinical trials that compared computerized and conventional anaesthesia. The primary outcome ...

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  • Oral health self-perception, dental caries, and pain: the role of dental fear underlying this association.

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  • Emotions experienced during the shedding of the first primary tooth.

    abstract:AIM:To examine the different emotions expressed by children exfoliating their first primary tooth, evaluate their proportional distribution, and reveal possible influences of child- and parent-related variables on the reported emotions. DESIGN:A cross-sectional questionnaire was directed to parents of children who had...

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  • The tricho-rhino-phalangeal syndrome--a case report.

    abstract::The diagnosis of tricho-rhino-phalangeal (TRP) syndrome may sometimes be confused with hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (HED). Some of the facial features are similar but the hands of patients with TRP often have short distal phalanges, deviation at the proximal interphalangeal joints and, radiologically, a specific ...

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  • Kartagener's syndrome: unusual dental morphology.

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  • Absence of salivary glands in children with rampant dental caries: report of seven cases.

    abstract::Seven cases of absence of two or more salivary glands in children are presented. In six of the cases the condition was congenital and in one it was the result of surgery to the submandibular ducts. The patients had been referred for treatment of rampant dental caries and were reviewed for periods ranging from 6 months...

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  • Factors affecting dental fear in French children aged 5-12 years.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:While dental anxiety is often correlated with prior negative dental experience, prevention of dental anxiety should in theory include early exposure to the dental setting. OBJECTIVE:We set out to evaluate factors affecting dental fear in French children. METHODS:Dental fear was evaluated using a visual ana...

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  • Factors associated with caregivers' perception of children's health and oral health status: a study of 6- to 36-month-olds in Uganda.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The impact of oral diseases on quality of life of children and their families has not been thoroughly investigated. AIM:Focusing on Ugandan infants aged 6-36 months and their caregivers, this study examined the degree to which clinical and psychosocial factors were associated with caregivers' overall evalua...

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