A cellular screening assay using analysis of metal-modified fluorescence lifetime.


:Current methods for screening cell receptor internalization often require complex image analysis with limited sensitivity. Here we describe a novel bioassay based on detection of changes in global fluorescence lifetime above a gold substrate, with superresolution axial sensitivity and no need for image analysis. We show that the lifetime of enhanced green fluorescent protein expressed in a cellular membrane is greatly reduced in close proximity to the gold, resulting in a distance-dependent lifetime distribution throughout the cell. We demonstrate the application of this phenomenon in a screening assay by comparing the efficacies of two small molecule inhibitors interfering with the internalization process of a G protein-coupled receptor.


Biophys J


Biophysical journal


Cade NI,Fruhwirth G,Archibald SJ,Ng T,Richards D




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2010-06-02 00:00:00














  • Association thermodynamics and conformational stability of beta-sheet amyloid beta(17-42) oligomers: effects of E22Q (Dutch) mutation and charge neutralization.

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  • Modulation of 4-AP block of a mammalian A-type K channel clone by channel gating and membrane voltage.

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  • Trauma of the erythrocyte membrane associated with low shear stress.

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  • Voltage-dependent removal of sodium inactivation by N-bromoacetamide and pronase.

    abstract::When perfused internally through crayfish giant axons, pronase removed sodium inactivation more than three times as fast at -100 mV as compared with -30 mV. N-bromoacetamide, applied internally, removed sodium inactivation twice as fast at -100 mV as at -30 mV, and the relative rate of removal declined with membrane d...

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  • Mechanics of sperm-egg interaction at the zona pellucida.

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  • A systematic methodology for defining coarse-grained sites in large biomolecules.

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  • Transition states in protein folding kinetics: modeling phi-values of small beta-sheet proteins.

    abstract::Small single-domain proteins often exhibit only a single free-energy barrier, or transition state, between the denatured and the native state. The folding kinetics of these proteins is usually explored via mutational analysis. A central question is which structural information on the transition state can be derived fr...

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  • Role of constraint in catalysis and high-affinity binding by proteins.

    abstract::Using a model for catalysis of a dynamic equilibrium, the role of constraint in catalysis is quantified. The intrinsic rigidity of proteins is shown to be insufficient to constrain the activated complexes of enzymes, irrespective of the mechanism. However, when minimization of the surface excess free energy of water s...

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  • The mechanism of inactivation of T4 bacteriophage by tritium decay.

    abstract::Coliphage T4 was used as a model system to study the mechanism of biological inactivation produced by tritium decay. Experimentally, tritiated precursors were incorporated into phage DNA (thymidine-(3)H) or into phage protein ((3)H-amino acids). The ratio of killing efficiencies for decays originating in phage DNA to ...

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  • Backstepping Mechanism of Kinesin-1.

    abstract::Kinesin-1 is an ATP-driven molecular motor that transports cellular cargo along microtubules. At low loads, kinesin-1 almost always steps forward, toward microtubule plus ends, but at higher loads, it can also step backward. Backsteps are usually 8 nm but can be larger. These larger backward events of 16 nm, 24 nm, or...

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  • Non-Newtonian behavior of blood in oscillatory flow.

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    abstract::Fission fragment tracks from uranium-stained biological preparations have been observed in the electron microscope in a study of the feasibility of their use as tracers. Virus, DNA, and tissue sections were stained with uranium, prepared for electron microscopy, irradiated in the high thermal neutron flux of a nuclear...

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  • Modeling Endoplasmic Reticulum Network Maintenance in a Plant Cell.

    abstract::The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in plant cells forms a highly dynamic network of complex geometry. ER network morphology and dynamics are influenced by a number of biophysical processes, including filament/tubule tension, viscous forces, Brownian diffusion, and interactions with many other organelles and cytoskeletal e...

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  • Low-frequency stimulation induces stable transitions in stereotypical activity in cortical networks.

    abstract::Reverberating spontaneous synchronized brain activity is believed to play an important role in neural information processing. Whether and how external stimuli can influence this spontaneous activity is poorly understood. Because periodic synchronized network activity is also prominent in in vitro neuronal cultures, we...

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  • An electron spin resonance study of synaptosome opiate receptors. The preparation and use of a spin labeled morphine.

    abstract::Morphine spin labeled on the phenolic hydroxy group has been prepared using commercially available reagents and characterized by thin layer chromatography, mass spectroscopy, and electron spin resonance spectroscopy. It has been shown that morphine modified in this way retains some opiate activity, does not pass throu...

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  • Voltage-dependent block by saxitoxin of sodium channels incorporated into planar lipid bilayers.

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  • Spectroscopy on the B850 band of individual light-harvesting 2 complexes of Rhodopseudomonas acidophila. I. Experiments and Monte Carlo simulations.

    abstract::The electronic structure of the circular aggregate of 18 bacteriochlorophyll a (BChl a) molecules responsible for the B850 absorption band of the light-harvesting 2 (LH2) complex of the photosynthetic purple bacterium Rhodopseudomonas acidophila has been studied by measuring fluorescence-excitation spectra of individu...

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  • Phosphorus-31 two-dimensional solid-state exchange NMR. Application to model membrane and biological systems.

    abstract::Two-dimensional solid-state 31P NMR has been used to investigate the orientational exchange of phospholipids in gel and liquid-crystalline aqueous multilamellar dispersions and oriented multibilayers, and in biological membranes. In liquid-crystalline L alpha multilamellar dispersions, orientational exchange originate...

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  • Comparison of the dynamics of the primary events of bacteriorhodopsin in its trimeric and monomeric states.

    abstract::In this paper, femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy in the visible region of the spectrum has been used to examine the ultrafast dynamics of the retinal excited state in both the native trimeric state and the monomeric state of bacteriorhodopsin (bR). It is found that the excited state lifetime (probed at 490 nm) incre...

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  • Protein self-association in solution: the bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor decamer.

    abstract::We have used magnetic relaxation dispersion to study bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor (BPTI) self-association as a function of pH, salt type and concentration, and temperature. The magnetic relaxation dispersion method sensitively detects stable oligomers without being affected by other interactions. We find that B...

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  • A delayed rectifier potassium current in Xenopus oocytes.

    abstract::A delayed voltage-dependent K+ current endogenous to Xenopus oocytes has been investigated by the voltage-clamp technique. Both activation and inactivation of the K+ current are voltage-dependent processes. The K+ currents were activated when membrane potential was depolarized from a holding potential of -90 to -50 mV...

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  • Thermodynamics and kinetics of a folded-folded' transition at valine-9 of a GCN4-like leucine zipper.

    abstract::Spin inversion transfer (SIT) NMR experiments are reported probing the thermodynamics and kinetics of interconversion of two folded forms of a GCN4-like leucine zipper near room temperature. The peptide is 13Calpha-labeled at position V9(a) and results are compared with prior findings for position L13(e). The SIT data...

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  • Ultrafast absorption difference spectra of the Fenna-Matthews-Olson protein at 19 K: experiment and simulations.

    abstract::We describe simulations of absorption difference spectra in strongly coupled photosynthetic antennas. In the presence of large resonance couplings, distinctive features arise from excited-state absorption transitions between one- and two-exciton levels. We first outline the theory for the heterodimer and for the gener...

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  • The nonequilibrium phase and glass transition behavior of beta-lactoglobulin.

    abstract::Concentrated solutions of bovine beta-lactoglobulin were studied using osmotic stress and rheological techniques. At pH 6.0 and 8.0, the osmotic pressure was largely independent of NaCl concentration and could be described by a hard sphere equation of state. At pH 5.1, close to the isoelectric point, the osmotic press...

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  • Evolution of the hemifused intermediate on the pathway to membrane fusion.

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  • More gating charges are needed to open a Shaker K+ channel than are needed to open an rBIIA Na+ channel.

    abstract::This study presents what is, to our knowledge, a novel technique by means of which the ratio of the single gating charges of voltage-gated rat brain IIA (rBIIA) sodium and Shaker potassium ion channels was estimated. In the experiment, multiple tandems of enhanced green fluorescent protein were constructed and inserte...

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  • Minor groove deformability of DNA: a molecular dynamics free energy simulation study.

    abstract::The conformational deformability of nucleic acids can influence their function and recognition by proteins. A class of DNA binding proteins including the TATA box binding protein binds to the DNA minor groove, resulting in an opening of the minor groove and DNA bending toward the major groove. Explicit solvent molecul...

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  • Analytical calculation of intracellular calcium wave characteristics.

    abstract::We present a theoretical analysis of intracellular calcium waves propagated by calcium feedback at the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP3) receptor. The model includes essential features of calcium excitability, but is still analytically tractable. Formulas are derived for the wave speed, amplitude, and width. The calc...

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