Use of gait sandals for measuring rearfoot and shank motion during running.


:Gait sandals may be used as an alternative to shoes in gait analysis. However, their similarity to running shoes remains unclear. This study aimed to compare rearfoot and shank kinematics between barefoot, running shoes and gait sandal conditions during running. We hypothesised that gait sandals would more closely replicate the kinematics seen when wearing running shoes than when barefoot. Rearfoot and shank kinematics were measured in 14 male participants as they ran in three footwear conditions (barefoot, gait sandals and running shoes) at 3.5m/s. Both barefoot and gait sandals resulted in greater peak rearfoot eversion compared to running shoes. Gait sandals were similar to running shoes for all other variables. These findings suggest that gait sandals can be used in place of running shoes during gait analysis to study rearfoot and shank kinematics.


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Barnes A,Wheat J,Milner CE




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  • Repeatability of stance phase kinematics from a multi-segment foot model in people aged 50 years and older.

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  • Coordination underlying the control of whole body momentum during sit-to-stand.

    abstract::The stability of linear and angular momentum of the center of mass (CM) and the underlying coordination of body segments was investigated for a sit-to-stand task to better understand how the nervous system organizes the redundant degrees of freedom available to accomplish this task. From the effector geometry, we deri...

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  • The control of lateral stability during rapid stepping reactions evoked by antero-posterior perturbation: does anticipatory control play a role?

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  • Should trunk movement or footfall parameters quantify gait asymmetry in chronic stroke patients?

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to investigate gait asymmetry in chronic stroke patients in comparison with subjects with no known asymmetries. Further, we wanted to decide which gait symmetry parameter has the best ability to discriminate between the two groups. Twenty subjects with hemiplegia (mean age 58 years, S.D.=...

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  • Effects of virtual reality training on gait biomechanics of individuals post-stroke.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To evaluate gait biomechanics after training with a virtual reality (VR) system and to elucidate underlying mechanisms that contributed to the observed functional improvement in gait speed and distance. DESIGN:A single blind randomized control study. SETTING:Gait analysis laboratory in a rehabilitation hosp...

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  • Clinical determinants of plantar forces and pressures during walking in older people.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to determine the extent to which clinical tests of structural characteristics of the foot and ankle could account for variation in the magnitude of regional forces and pressures under the foot during walking in older people. Plantar forces and pressures were obtained from 172 older people (53...

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