Imitation of transitive and intransitive actions in healthy individuals.


:A handful of patients have been described as being impaired in performing transitive gestures, despite being still able to perform intransitive gestures. This impairment need not be explained by assuming different mechanisms; rather, it can be due to transitive actions being more difficult. In this study we tested whether neurologically healthy participants had greater difficulties in imitating transitive actions with respect to intransitive actions. Consistent with the prediction, subjects imitated intransitive better than transitive gestures. The ease of imitation of intransitive actions supports the complexity account of apraxic impairments.


Brain Cogn


Brain and cognition


Carmo JC,Rumiati RI




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  • Cognitive function and depression in symptom resolution in schizophrenia patients treated with an atypical antipsychotic.

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  • HPA axis function predicts development of working memory in boys with FXS.

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    abstract::Prelingual deafness and developmental dyslexia have confounding developmental effects on reading acquisition. Therefore, standard reading assessment methods for diagnosing dyslexia in hearing people are ineffective for use with deaf people. Recently, Samar, Parasnis, and Berent (2002) reported visual evoked potential ...

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  • Unimanual performance across the age span.

    abstract::The purpose of the current investigation was to examine the age-related changes in the performance of the two hands on the Annett pegboard (Annett, 1970). The current study was part of a large-scale study investigating the development of unimanual and bimanual performance. Three hundred and two right-handed individual...

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  • Attentional blink differences between adolescent dyslexic and normal readers.

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  • Motor facilitation following action observation: a behavioural study in prehensile action.

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  • Rightward collisions and their association with pseudoneglect.

    abstract::Whereas right parietal damage can result in left hemineglect, the general population shows a subtle neglect of the right hemispace-known as pseudoneglect. A recent study has demonstrated that people collide to the right more often and attributed this bias to pseudoneglect. [Nicholls, M. E. R., Loftus, A., Meyer, K., &...

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  • An ERP study on self-relevant object recognition.

    abstract::We performed an event-related potential study to investigate the self-relevance effect in object recognition. Three stimulus categories were prepared: SELF (participant's own objects), FAMILIAR (disposable and public objects, defined as objects with less-self-relevant familiarity), and UNFAMILIAR (others' objects). Th...

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