[Clinical experience with nifedipine in the treatment of angina pectoris in Japan].


:Developed by Bayer in Germany, nifedipine was shown to be effective in the treatment of patients with angina pectoris by Japanese investigators. Professor Kimura first reported the efficacy of nifedipine in patients with angina pectoris and those findings have been replicated in numerous trials conducted since then. Clinical trials found a low incidence of fixed coronary artery stenosis in Japanese patients with variant angina pectoris, and a complete antianginal response with Ca2+ channel antagonist such as nifedipine. It was hypothesised that the mechanism of this benefit with nifedipine was because of a strong coronary vasodilating action along with an inhibitory effect on coronary spasm. Recent evidence has established the tolerability and efficacy of once-daily dosage forms, which provide stable plasma nifedipine concentrations, in the management of coronary artery disorders.






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