Bacteriorhodopsin/amphipol complexes: structural and functional properties.


:The membrane protein bacteriorhodopsin (BR) can be kept soluble in its native state for months in the absence of detergent by amphipol (APol) A8-35, an amphiphilic polymer. After an actinic flash, A8-35-complexed BR undergoes a complete photocycle, with kinetics intermediate between that in detergent solution and that in its native membrane. BR/APol complexes form well defined, globular particles comprising a monomer of BR, a complete set of purple membrane lipids, and, in a peripheral distribution, approximately 2 g APol/g BR, arranged in a compact layer. In the absence of free APol, BR/APol particles can autoassociate into small or large ordered fibrils.


Biophys J


Biophysical journal


Gohon Y,Dahmane T,Ruigrok RW,Schuck P,Charvolin D,Rappaport F,Timmins P,Engelman DM,Tribet C,Popot JL,Ebel C




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    abstract::In this new method for studying the shape recovery of deformed red blood cells, three optical traps ("optical tweezers") induce a parachute-shaped red cell deformation, which is comparable to the deformation in small capillaries. The shape recovery is recorded, and a relaxation time is obtained for each individual red...

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  • On the adsorption of phloretin onto a black lipid membrane.

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  • Cysteines in the Shaker K+ channel are not essential for channel activity or zinc modulation.

    abstract::We investigated whether the cysteine residues in Shaker potassium (K+) channels are essential for activation and inactivation gating or for modulation of activation gating by external zinc (Zn2+). Mutants of the Shaker K+ channel were prepared in which all seven cysteine residues were replaced (C-less). These changes ...

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  • Lateral distribution of cholesterol in dioleoylphosphatidylcholine lipid bilayers: cholesterol-phospholipid interactions at high cholesterol limit.

    abstract::Lateral organization of cholesterol in dioleoyl-phosphatidylcholine (DOPC) lipid bilayers at high cholesterol concentration (>45 mol%) was investigated using steady-state fluorescence anisotropy and fluorescent resonance energy transfer techniques. The recently devised Low Temperature Trap method was used to prepare c...

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