Reporting of trials presented in conference abstracts needs to be improved.


OBJECTIVES:To assess how trial information reported in conference abstracts differs to their subsequent full publication. METHODS:Randomized trials reported at the American Society of Clinical Oncology conference (1992) were identified. CENTRAL and PubMed (December 2002) were searched to identify corresponding full publications. A checklist (based on CONSORT) was used to compare abstracts for 37 trials with their full publication. RESULTS:Some aspects were well reported. Ninety-five percent of study objectives, 92% of participant eligibility, 100% of trial interventions, and 84% of primary outcomes were the same in both abstract and full publication. Other areas were more discrepant. Forty-six percent reported the same number of participants randomized in the abstract and full publication; only 22% reported the same number analyzed (median number analyzed per trial was 96 for abstracts and 117 for full publications). Eighty-two percent of trials were closed to follow-up in the full publication compared to 19% of abstracts. Lack of information was a major problem in assessing trial quality: no abstracts reported on allocation concealment, 16% reported on blinding and 14% reported intention to treat analysis. These figures were 49, 19, and 46%, respectively, for full publications. CONCLUSION:The information given for trials in conference proceedings can be unstable, especially for trials presenting early or preliminary results, and needs to be improved.


J Clin Epidemiol


Hopewell S,Clarke M,Askie L




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  • The evolving clinical status of patients after a myocardial infarction: the importance of post-hospital data for mortality prediction.

    abstract::Studies predicting mortality after myocardial infarction (MI) usually rely on in-hospital data, and combine patients admitted for the first MI with recurrent MI patients. Since treatment decisions are often made or modified at the first outpatient clinic visit, this study was designed to evaluate the importance of pos...

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  • Effects on blood pressure of a decrease in sodium use in institutional food preparation: the Exeter-Andover Project.

    abstract::To judge the effect on blood pressure, sodium intake of students at two boarding high schools was reduced by 15-20% through changes in food purchasing and in preparation practices in the schools' kitchens. Students were not asked to change their usual eating habits. Each school served alternately as the control or int...

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