[Determinants of the adherence to therapeutic plan in elderly Spaniards, over 60 years of age].


OBJECTIVE:To identify factors associated with the adherence to a therapeutic plan of awareness of hypertension. MATERIAL AND METHODS:The data of the study "Arterial hypertension and other factors of risk in the elderly (> or = 60 years) Spanish population". This was a population-based survey of 4.009 older Spaniards. Information for this survey was obtained thorough household personal interviews to evaluate if these determining factors are independent of socio-demographic variables, the use of health system, lifestyles and the quality of life related to health. RESULTS:In men, the adherence to a therapeutic plan according to the regions studied (OR Rural = 3.9; OR Cantabrian = 1.9). Beside general health (OR = 1.01). With respect to the women, the ones that complied with the therapeutic plan more frequently had a low scholastic level (OR = 1.8), physical condition (OR = 1.02), and had more frequent home medical visits monthly (OR = 3.0). The women with poor adherence had two chronic illnesses (OR = 0.6) CONCLUSIONS:There are regional differences, gender, educational and to measure health-related quality of life. This demonstrates poor adherence, so the strategy should be directed toward in this variables mentioned.


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Tuesca-Molina R,Guallar-Castillón P,Banegas-Banegas JR,Graciani-Pérez Regadera A




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    abstract::Many of the world's most developed countries have adopted biomonitoring of toxic substances in order to ascertain their levels in biological samples. These substances get into the body through different environmental exposures. Monitoring toxic substances in biological samples should allow us to ascertain their levels...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to analyze the impact of Spanish smoke-free legislation (Law 42/2010) on the business activity of bars, cafés, and restaurants. METHODS:we used the micro-data from the Household Budget Survey for 2010 and 2011. The linking files allowed close follow-up of the households that remained in the sample for 2 cons...

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